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“What is the main issue with travelling solo in a caravan?
Probably loneliness, it’s that whole feeling about being alone and that’s a human trait. Being in a caravan, being alone out in the middle of the outback, completely alone without any kind of service range, that’s alone!…
I am so far from everywhere. And I’ve got two choices here. I could drive to the next major centre, and fly somebody in from home and then just drive home with my tail between my legs. Or  I could just get over the fear. Thankfully I chose the second option!”

Melissa J Scott
Solo Female Traveller

Having just finished a recent lap of Queensland, some 12,000km solo travelling and towing an MDC XT10E, Melissa shares some of the many tips and insights that she learned along the way about what it’s like to travel for 2 months as a solo female.

She is regularly questioned about what it was like being a solo female traveling, including security and safety, how she coped with the being on her own and in particular what it was like to be alone in the outback, what inspired her to do the trip in the first place, and would she do it again… are just some of the things she covers!

So how does a petite 50+ year old, solo, widowed professional mother of adult sons, small business owner, and self-confessed city girl who couldn’t reverse a caravan let alone change a spare tyre, find herself at the Big Red Bash and then headed up to Gulf of Carpentaria, across the Savannah Way and up to Cape York?! Well, you just have to tune into the episode and learn about it for yourself!

And if you even have an inkling that you might like to do a solo trip yourself but think that it’s just too hard… then definitely tune in and be inspired to getting out of your comfort zone and giving a trip like this a go yourself!

“I’ve really come to learn that the only person that’s been holding me back my whole life is me. I’ve always wanted my partner to propel me along and do things with my partner but after I was widowed, I had to try and fluke getting a partner who loves to do exactly what I do.
Is it possible to not have a partner and still do what you want to do?  The answer to that is yes!”

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Melissa J Scott
MDC Community Manager

To view Melissa’s full playlist of her adventures around Queensland, please visit this link and share it with anybody that you think might benefit from watching!

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