ROUND 5 – $300,000 Camper Trailer & Caravan Parts Sale

Need parts or looking for a bargain for your next camper trailer or caravan project.
Round 5 Auction – It’s that time of year and we are ready for a spring clean and we’re cleaning house at our Brisbane Warehouse.

We have teamed up with Lloyd’s Auctions to bring to you over $300,000 ROUND 5 AUCTION.  Including camper trailers and parts and outdoor accessories & much more!
All at auction and unreserved. That means everything will sell and all lots start at $1.

Now is the time to get yourself a bargain.

Click here for the Live Auction Site.

A big part of our partnerships and testing is the team from All 4 Adventure.This year Jase and Simon have jumped boots and all into testing MDC products in the field, the way only they can. You can see for yourself just how tough our products are as the boys take our XT12, Cruizer Forward Fold and Explorer Rear Fold on their season 10 Adventure.

Tune in to Channel TEN for season 10 which looks to be the best ever!

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Started in 2005, Market Direct Camper Trailers & Offroad Caravans has grown into one of Australia’s largest distributors of Offroad Camper Trailers and Offroad Hybrid Caravans with over 25,000 units sold nationwide. We are a family owned business which has expanded from its humble beginnings across the country with 11 Showrooms Nationwide.

Our passion for exploring our vast and spectacular country drives us to produce the best series of camper trailers and caravans possible alongside a dedicated and committed customer service team.

Our range of Camper Trailers & Offroad Caravans are produced using high quality materials, components from leading suppliers right across Australia & internationally so you can feel the comforts of home.

We offer in-house finance, giving you access to competitive interest rates. Our finance experts work with our MDC sales team, so you can take your new camper trailer or offroad caravan home sooner! MDFinance can assist with your order no matter where you are. For more information on our finance please click here.

You can read more about the components we use on our R&D page, click below for more info