Research and Development

Since our beginnings over ten years ago Market Direct Group have been recognised as market leaders. To achieve this title, MDC has been conducting regular thorough Research and Development over our 15 years. Market Direct has enveloped all our staff from management, sales, admin and manufacturing to be the team to test and improve our products. We have enlisted the help of numerous companies, industry and 4WD experts to ensure our continuing strive for excellence not only in product but customer service as well.

Our adventures have taken us around and through some of the harshest country on earth. Australia has it all. Don’t just take our word for it, you can check out our Research and Development processes on most forms of media. TV coverage and social media have played a big part in our success. Social media has kept us in touch with our ever-growing customer base. This gives us the best up to date testing available from any source. Continuous testing by us, our valued customers and third parties has put Market Direct Group where we are now. A nationally recognised industry leader.

Not to sit on our laurels’, we continue day in and day out to maintain this high standard of R&D excellence, so we can provide our customers with the best off-road experience imaginable. As we look to the future this will not stop. All our staff are committed to achieving the highest standard available in this great industry. Our research and development will ensure the next time you take your family into the great outdoors you can “Escape with Confidence.”

The Test of Time

Simulated weathering and long term use is an important tool in the MDC design and testing workshop that let’s us, bring you a class leading product. The components on your new MDC product that are exposed to the elements have been tested in house for durability. Incorporating our very own accelerated weathering station lets us simulate years of exposure to UV rays, salt spray and degradation in a very short time. MDC’s research. Development and testing is another reason you can Escape With Confidence.

MDC Structural Design

Building industry-leading off-road campers and caravans requires incorporating the latest in cutting-edge technology. Ensuring your new MDC or AUSRV camper or caravan is strong, durable, and compliant in every way is done using 3D design software that incorporates Finite Element Analysis (FEA). FEA simulates the real-life stresses and loads and displays the results ensuring success in prototype development.

Every chassis and suspension design is refined to meet every necessary criterion before the first piece of steel is cut and welded, ensuring your new product is class-leading with Australia’s leading structural warranty. Using the latest in 3D design software allows our engineers to create each component and apply changes quickly and easier ensuring you can Escape With Confidence


MDC has been a leader in off road camper and caravan design for many years. Our reputation and performance have ridden on our trailing arm suspension design, combined with the MegaHub and MegaStub hubs and axles. Seen as the toughest and most dependable off road suspension in MDC’s market segment, there is much behind the scenes that contribute to excellence in design.

Shock Absorbers
Size matters when it comes to shock absorbers and the Tough Trax product is big. Large bore shock absorbers resist fade and perform longer due to their higher capacity oil storage. The Tough Trax product has been tested extensively on our own fatigue testing machine at the factory, outlasting all others to be the best performer.

Mega Hub
Our Megahub design incorporates large parallel Timken bearings, allowing higher loads and longevity. Capable of 3 tonne ATM rating on MDC caravans, the 12″ Megahub is amongst the strongest on the market. The Megahub also uses 14mm wheel studs for superior strength and reliability

The parallel axle is 45.5mm in diameter and is made from high-strength steel. Tested and approved for a 3-tonne ATM on a single-axle caravan, it’s tough and durable to give you a higher degree of reliability when you need it.

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