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Whether you’re interested in purchasing an offroad camper trailer, caravan, or car, MDF’s Team of experienced finance specialists are well equipped to help you find the finance that’s right for you.

Start your hunt for your next camper or caravan, MDF Finance and Insurance will organise your obligation-free pre-approval and get you on your next adventure sooner!

Why Choose MDF?

Want to know why MDF Finance and Insurance differs from other lenders?

MDF prides itself on the outstanding service and professionalism we bring to our customers. We are committed to offering flexible solutions and strive to make the borrowing process as simple as possible.

We offer a unique personalised service to help you save time and money, allowing you to worry less about costs and focus more on what’s important to you.

Your Free Family Budget Tool

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have more money in your budget planner? To go on holiday, buy a new car or renovate your home without having to worry about how much it will cost? Fill out a form and download your free budget tool today!



The first thing to do is get clear on your goals, Make a list of your goals, short-term medium-term, and long-term. Make a plan and stick to it!



You must be accountable for yourself and for your partner if you want to see any results from this program – no shortcuts here! It takes discipline and commitment from both parties involved in order to succeed at anything!



Now comes the fun part: Track all your progress and stay focused on achieving your goals! This isn’t something that happens overnight; it takes dedication and perseverance!


We make Finance easy. Call Us Now on 1300 562 663

Talk to a Real Person

We know how complicated loan applications are, so we make it our business to support you throughout the entire process. Give us a call to speak to a member of our professional team today.

Competitive Rates

We pride ourselves on our competitive rates on finance for offroad campers, caravans, cars and even boats.

Trusted Lenders

We’ve been helping people like you achieve their dreams for over 15 years. With an expansive network of business partners, that provide us the lowest rates in the market.

Fast Approval

Kick start your financial freedom with fast, streamlined approval processes and customised financial repayments. Apply for a loan or a quick quote today. “Escape with Confidence Today”

We make Finance easy. Call Us Now on  1300 562 663

Free Family Budget Tool

Budgeting is one of those things that everybody talks about and nobody does. Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? is debt causing you so much stress that you don’t even want to think about it? We all want to be successful, but how do we make it happen? The MDF Family Budget Tool can help!

Fill in the form below to receive your free budget tool today!

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