Why Do Our Customers Choose MDC?

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Want to know why MDC is the largest recognised market leader for off-road camper trailers and caravans in Australia?
We are very proud of the fact that we have thousands of happy customers, where a large percentage of them have been with us for so many years, and some are on their third and fourth MDC camper or caravan!
So why do we have such a loyal following? And why do people choose the MDC brand over everybody else?
We can break it down into three simple terms:


At MDC, we value every person within our community. From our trustworthy teammates to our strong leadership team, our world-class suppliers, technicians, and advisors, to our highly experienced business partners… and our most valued asset, our loyal customers and community. It’s the people of MDC that make us so unique.
We attract the very best people into our team and as customers… eager to join our diverse family of adventurers, dreamers, and memory-seekers, and all bonded by the joy of outdoor living and experiencing new adventures every time we drive out of our driveways and head for the next exciting destination.
As a family-owned business since 2005, some of our team have been with us right from the start, and many graduate through the ranks. As we grow, so too do our team and their expertise. Choosing MDC means joining a caravan family where relationships matter as much as the innovation and technology does. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities, ensuring that every journey with MDC feels like a shared adventure among a family of adventurers and experience-seekers, who value reliability, safety, and being able to escape day-to-day life with complete confidence.
We are also intensely proud of the relationships that we have nurtured over the past 15+ years, especially with our MDC & AUSRV Owners Group that is 20,000 strong on Facebook (and growing). It is independently managed by MDC owners who love our brand as much as we do, and through them we are building a community of fellow campers and caravanners who like to help others, be supportive, and live life to the fullest! We support your dreams and do the best we can do to empower and educate you to make it possible.


The MDC journey is fuelled by an unbridled passion for advancing the caravan industry. This passion is not only about delivering high-quality products but also about leading you on a transformative journey filled with lifelong memories. Every caravan and camper trailer that we design and build embodies our passion for innovation, ensuring your adventure with MDC matches and exceeds your expectations.
We are passionate campers and caravanners ourselves. We have been creating travel videos and trips since we began, and love sharing them with othe campers to empower you all to embrace the camping lifestyle as well. We research and develop all of our caravans and camper trailers, in the most extreme conditions! And we listen to our customers and MDC van owners. Your feedback is so important to us, and often leads to the most exciting innovations, because we listened.
We care about what you have to say.


Your MDC adventure is elevated by cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our caravans. Camping offgrid has come a long way over the years, and now you can do it in luxury, ease and style. You can enjoy all your mod cons, and you can still be as far off the main grid as you can be and indulge in all your creature comforts! (Cappuccino anyone?!)
• Solar power solutions and lithium batteries – managed by Projecta. Our high quality Lithium LiFePO4 batteries power our permanently mounted solar panels, and our systems offer faster recovery times and unparalleled performance, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.
• MDC trailing arm suspension – MDC products have a suspension system that is computer designed and Finite Element Analysis tested before the prototype is made. Encompassing the most modern technology and engineering principles, the aim is to provide you with the safest, strongest and longest lasting product possible.
• What dust? – No terrain is more harsh or dusty than the Australian outback, and bulldust is craftier than water when it comes to getting inside your caravan! Triple seal caravan hatches are by far the most advanced hatch system when it comes to dust and water resistance and keeping the thermal properties of your caravan as insulated as possible. With 3 rubber seals, effective long travel compression locks and insulated between each skin, MDC gives you the best available static dust protection which is up to 10 times more effective than folded hatch panels with single seals.
• Tough Trax™ big bore shock absorbers – used exclusively across our entire range, and tested against dozens of brands and proven reliable in extreme conditions, Tough Trax™ and Tough Trax™ HD shock absorbers ensure your caravan can handle everything the Australian outback throws at it. Nothing is stronger, safer or smarter for you and your family’s protection.
• RVMAP (Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Accreditation Program) and ISO9001 certifications – ensures the highest quality. Every MDC component and finished product is fully compliant with Australian standards. Our in-house compliance and development team ensures that our caravans meet and exceed industry benchmarks – a massive job for any size team!

RVMAP is a voluntary program that manufacturers undertake when they are seriously focused on bringing the best possible product to market. ISO9001 is a quality accreditation to ensure that every step from procurement to finished product is focused and accountable for providing you with a product that meets your expectations during your owner experience.

Both of these accreditations demonstrate our commitment to providing you with a safer and superior product, setting MDC apart as a brand seriously focused on delivering the best possible caravan to market.
RVmap Accredited Logo
• Quality Appliances from Trusted Brands – something that a lot of our competitors skimp on. We ensure the best respected and high performing brands are part of our MDC standard inclusions.
• Australian Owned and Operated since 2005 – 8 showrooms nationwide and 3 assembly facilities – we also have a dedicated world-class offshore manufacturing facility which is at the top of their game and the most economical way to produce superior caravans and camper trailers.
• Lifetime structural warranty – We believe in our product so much, that we provide a lifetime structure warranty on the chassis and drawbar. Total peace of mind that you are investing in a caravan or camper trailer that is going to handle your kind of adventures with you for many years.
• Genuine After-Sales Service and Community – Your journey with us does not end after you leave the showroom. We provide you with an extensive handover on pickup. We have close to 100 ‘how to’ videos on our website that assist you with your set up and getting the most out of caravanning and camping experience. We have highly detailed user manuals, and any of your questions can be answered by our loyal community in the MDC & AUSRV Owners Group on Facebook – an independent 20K group that is helpful and positive.
Our Warranty team are also there on team and on demand to troubleshoot for you on the spot, even on weekends. And we have a Customer Advocate person within our company, that is there JUST FOR YOU. His main role is to ensure that you receive a top-quality caravan or camper, and guides you through this process of learning about your new caravan or camper trailer, so you feel listened to and heard.
And we are offering Tag Along Tours to our customers this year, as well as the annual opportunity to be part of the MDC Paddock at the Big Red Bash at Birdsville and Mundi Mundi Bash at Broken Hill every year, where you can meet other MDC Owners and become lifelong friends and travel buddies.
• Our Team are Authentic Campers from way back! We believe in our product because we use our caravans and camper trailers, and we listen to our community about how we can continually improve them. We know what people want because we use our products too. We don’t just sell you a caravan, we introduce you to the world of high-end camping and stay with you on that journey for as long as you like.
Many caravan companies claim to be the best, however most rely heavily on a company like MDC to set the benchmark for their innovations, and therefore are always on the backfoot when it comes to any improvements or technological advancements.
If you want to trust the leaders of the industry to provide you with a reputable caravan or camper trailer that exceeds all others and has excellent resale, who make things happen and listen closely to our customers, and actively build a community that you can be part of… then being a part of the MDC caravanning and camper trailer family is definitely for you. And this is the main reason why so many people are repeat customers and stay true to the MDC brand.
Welcome to the MDC family!
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