Using Dry Lube on Couplings

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Have you given thought to lubrication of your trailer couplings? Not the actual physical mechanism that you use a grease gun for, the actual contact points between the pins and the main couplings. MDC predominantly use two types of hitches, one is a DO35 coupling, and the other is a poly block.

One of the products to use is Dri-Lube. It comes in stick form and it is a good dry lubricant that won’t attract all the dirt and dust, and grease. It also prevents making anything it touches all sticky and horrible, unlike its liquid form cousin.

Dry lubricant is an excellent tool to have in your kit. If you’re applying it on a poly block, simply hold it like lipstick or a zinc stick and apply it to the poly surface. It is very safe for the poly block, it’s not like a petrochemical that’s going to perish or eat into the poly.

The same thing for your DO35 coupling. You can run it around the edges, over the top of the coupling, around the O ring, and it’s ready to hook up, and it will reduce squeaking and wear. Same with the polyblock, it’ll stop a lot of the squeaking and wear.

The next best thing is silicon spray. This doesn’t get messy, it’s a quick squirt on the poly block or the coupling, and it will lubricate it, stop any squeaks and reduce wear.

So worth doing folks. Take better care of the couplings. Your poly block will last longer, it won’t make the squeaking noise that you hear so often when you’re turning and travelling the tracks.

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