Update: Gas Connector Regulations 2022 – MDC Masterclass

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MDC Masterclass – Updated Gas Connector MDC MASTERCLASS is a Series of Short Informational Videos, How To’s, Tips and Tricks for using MDC Camper Trailers and Offroad Hybrid Caravans.

Video Transcript

Hi folks, welcome to master class.

This master class is more of an information bulletin about some changes to the gas regulations that will affect camper and caravan owners in 2022.

Gas Connection Regulation Update

The main change to the regulation is a new valve fitting on gas cylinders.

The main thing about the new fitting is it’s an externally threaded fitting. So around the outside of the gas connection is a rather coarse thread that allows the new pigtail or hose connection, to actually screw on with an outer nut rather than threading into it in a left hand thread manner.

The new fitting actually goes on in a clockwise fashion on to the external thread on the new valve.

The reason behind this is the new fitting only allows gas to be passed from the cylinder when an appliance is connected to it. This also affects outdoor cooking equipment like barbeques,smokers, etc.

Once the fitting is screwed on, pressure actually activates the valve, which will allow gas to pass through it
when you turn the bottle on.

Also, there is fire protection in that the nut itself can melt and release the connection from the hose in the event of a fire.

So that’s the regulation change affecting new campers and caravans.

So How Does It Affect You?

If you have an existing appliance or MDC or AUSRV camper or caravan,

It doesn’t mean that you need to get anything changed.

The compliance is applicable to the date of manufacture of that trailer, so you don’t need to get anything changed.You don’t have to book it in for recertification.

It’s OK as it is, this only affects new models coming through the system at this time.

What It Means FOr You?

What it means for you is when you’re purchasing gas bottles or you’re getting swap and go bottles for your new camper or caravan that has this gas fitting on it.

You’ll need to make sure you select one with the outer thread, The right connection. Then it will go through.

Also, remember that the gas bottle holders in your trailer are made for standard size bottles

Some swap and go bottles can actually be a slightly different size and may not fit securely as you would want them to in the holder itself.

Existing MDC and AUSRV products doesn’t affect you, but it will affect new models coming through that must comply to this new connection


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