Tuning in the TV Aerial and your TV in your MDC Caravan

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Televisions in caravans need tuning and There’s a little bit of science involved. As you move from city to city the repeater stations will operate on slightly different frequencies, which may mean that you need to re-tune your TV each time. To get to that point you need to tune your antenna, and that’s where you’ll need the right gadget. We will show you how to do just that in this article.

What this is, is a TV signal metre. You can buy these at Jaycar, or Camec and lots of other places. It will tell you when your antenna is pointed in the right direction and, it’ll give you a strength reading so you know the antenna’s right, now you can tune your TV, and have a good chance of getting a signal.

So first, raise your antenna. You now need to rotate it to get the optimum signal for the transmitter. Rotate until you reach the peak signal shown. Now, with the Sensar 3 antenna, pull the outer cone down and rotate. Then all of a sudden you have full signal.

Now that you’ve tuned the antenna and got it pointing in the right direction, select auto tune on the television set, now it’ll pick up all the local channels. It’ll take a few minutes, so go grab yourself a cup of tea, sit back, relax, and you’ll be on the cartoons in no time.

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