Top Tips For Winter Caravanning

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Don’t let the chill deter you, Winter in Australia is the perfect time for an adventure in your MDC off-road camper or caravan. Beat the usual summer holiday crowds and escape with confidence this Winter. Whether you are headed for the snow or a more tropical destination, MDC has some tips to help you stay toasty warm this season.

Prepare your Caravan or Camper

Winter in Australia is usually a pleasant, mild affair. However, there is always chances to get stuck in some wild frosty weather. Before setting off, be sure to carry out a thorough maintenance check on your camper or caravan. Ensure that everything is waterproofed, and that you have seasoned your canvas so that no water leaks in. Check for holes or rips and ensure these are fixed and sealed so no draughts can get you. Ensure that all seals on your towing vehicle and caravan are in good condition. Don’t forget to familiarise yourself with snow driving if you’re heading that way and check that your tyres are prepared for wet weather and icy roads.  

Internally, you could opt for swapping out thinner curtains for something thicker to trap the warmth inside. Pack some thick rugs to put on the floor of your camper or caravan, this will provide an extra layer of insulation to stop cold from making its way in.

Keep Warm

Now this one is obvious. There is a multitude of ways to rug up this season. Stocking up on propane is advised so that you and your family can stay toasty. Most of our MDC caravans come with a diesel heater installed to keep you warm and dry in the winter chill. If your caravan has power outlets, bring along a portable heater or electric blanket for added layers of warmth. Switch these on an hour before heading to bed and before waking up so that you’re as comfortable as possible. Parking in the sun will keep your camper or caravan warm whilst the sun is up, be sure to close windows, hatches, and curtains before it starts getting chilly. Bring plenty of blankets to snuggle up with around the fire and choose flannelette bedding or sleeping bags to stay warm at night. Ensure cold jackets and wet boots are stored outside in your annexe, this will keep the condensation out of your van.

Avoid Burst Pipes

If you are headed to an extremely cold area where temperatures are often at freezing point, you will want to prepare your water tanks and internal pipes. Keep pipes at temperatures above freezing point. Insulate your external water tanks with covers and use tank heaters for added protection. Invest in a water heater or conversion kit for those hot showers. Or fit your pump with a winter housing kit. Keep silicone tape near to seal leaky pipes swiftly.

Be Prepared for Anything

Before you depart, restock your emergency kit and first aid kit with the right equipment for winter adventuring. Winter can be a cruel mistress, especially if you are heading to a snowier region. If you get stuck in deep powder, icy slush or harsh snow fall you always want to be ready. As part of your emergency kit ensure you pack a shovel, grip mats, de-icing agents, scrapers, brushes, snow chains, grips, ropes and reflective triangles. For first aid, along with the basic necessities, pack for potential cold weather crises such as: a foil blanket, air or pressure activated body warmers, waterproof matches, safety whistles, info cards for hypothermia and frostbit.

Get Noticed

If your caravan is white and you’re travelling through the snow, you will want to be visible  to other motorists. To do this you will need extra caravan reflectors, stickers and towing triangles to ensure you can be seen both on and off the road. These pre-cautionary measures will keep you and your family safe this winter.

Plan Ahead

Like every holiday on or off the road, you need to be prepared for you journey. Check the best and safest routes along the way. Check weather and traffic updates every day and only drive if its is safe to do so. If you are driving through the snow, pull over if it starts getting too heavy and visibility decreases. Allow for more time on your winter journey than you would in summer. Always notify a family member or friend of where you are and where you’re headed.

So, get out and adventure this Winter season. Follow these handy tips and tricks to beat the chill. 

Stay Warm and escape with confidence with MDC! 


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