Stormsure: How to Use and Apply

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Stormsure is a great product to do repairs on your tent and the three materials in your tent. That’s the canvas, the fly screen, and the PVC floor. If you’ve got a tent top trailer or using a tent, this is something you should always carry with you. It’s a very quick, very easy and waterproof repair. So, read on to find out more about Stormsure. For starters, this is the way to repair canvas with two types of issues. One is a tear and the other one is a hole, really easy to do. What you’ll need is some tape, so keep a roll of tape with you as well because you need to put a backing on a hole before you repair it.

Remove the cap, turn the cap around and use the little pin in there to pierce the tube. Now all you need to do is apply it over the hole. Work it out over the edges, make sure it overlaps onto the canvas. Return the cap and that’ll do, that makes a membrane, sealing it over the hole, it will adhere really well to the canvas, and when you’re done simply peel your tape off the back once the Stormsure is dry.

Take a section of tape, put it over the hole, and now all you need to do is apply your Stormsure.
Apply the Stormsure over the hole ensuring an overlap on the canvas.

With a cut in your tent, lay it out and get it flat. If it’s on a vertical surface, it might pay to get someone to put a backing board or something behind it, or if you have to apply some tape over it to keep it together. Again, just apply your Stormsure straight over the cut. Make sure there’s a bit of overlap on the canvas, either side of the cut. Allow the Stormsure to cure and that will be your repair done, it will be waterproof, and strong enough to hold that canvas together.

With cuts and tears tape if necessary and apply Stormsure over the area with a good overlap onto the canvas.

With a mesh repair, the easy way to do it is, again, tape over it, that’ll hold the mesh together.

Mesh will generally need to be taped prior to repair.

Apply your Stormsure with a bit of overlap either side of the cut. Work it into the mesh a little bit, just as you do with canvas if you get a round hole in it, or odd shaped hole, tape over it and then put a membrane layer of the Stormsure over the top. Now you can let that cure and it will be a very, very strong repair. If you need to do a repair in your PVC floor in your tent or annex, exactly the same methods. If you have a hole or a cut, repair it the same way as you do with the mesh and the canvas, and that repair, again, will be waterproof.

Ensure a good overlap and work the stormsure into the mesh holes.

With PVC floors, if you set up on rocky surfaces, if there’s loose pebbles, sticks, when you lay out the floor, the chances are when you walk on them, you are actually going to pierce the PVC. It’s not as strong as a timber floor of course, so you need to take good care of your PVC floors. If you’re camping out in the bush, there’s sticks, rocks, maybe rake the ground first or put down a tarp to add some protection underneath the PVC floor so when you walk on it with the weight of yourself, you’re not actually piercing it with rocks and twigs underneath.

Repair PVC floors in the same manner.

Stormsure is so easy to put on, always keep it in your kit. It can mean the difference between drips into your camper, and no drips at all should you damage it. For more information, some great tips, go to our YouTube channel and follow the Masterclass series, and definitely follow us on Facebook and you’ll see each episode as it’s available.


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