Customize to your heart’s desire with tank gauges that can be paired with 2.5m, 5m, and 7.5m lead sender probes. Monitoring your tank’s water levels is as simple as pushing a test button, and there’s no need for any complicated wiring! Plus, this water gauge is incredibly compact, measuring just H65mm x W65mm x D16mm, making it a perfect fit for various applications. Replacing the battery is a breeze, adding to its user-friendly design.

This gauge is versatile and suitable for both plastic and metal tanks, offering easy installation that fits seamlessly with existing water tanks. It even comes with a battery included for your convenience. Ideal for use in caravans, boats, and camper trailers, this gauge requires only one 22mm (7/8″) hole in the side of the tank. It’s compatible with tanks ranging from 100mm to 280mm (4″ to 10″) in depth.

The sender probe is sealed by a specialized grommet that tightens and compresses within the hole, measuring the water level through contact with the five sensors along the arm. Notably, it has no moving parts, ensuring durability and reliability.

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