Discover the ePOWER 2000W True Sine Wave Inverter, equipped with AC Transfer Switch & Safety Switch – a standout member of Enerdrive’s affordable and top-tier professional inverter series. Harnessing cutting-edge power conversion technology, these ePOWER inverters seamlessly convert your DC supply into clean, energy-efficient true sine wave AC power.

Embedded within this ePOWER Inverter is a 16A AC Transfer Switch, ensuring uninterrupted transitions between Mains/Generator and Inverter power sources. This swift transfer minimizes downtime for your appliances and simplifies onboard installation.

Enhancing safety measures, the unit boasts an RCD Safety Switch that acts promptly upon detecting potential electrical hazards. In just 0.03 seconds, it cuts off output power, prioritizing personal safety.

Designed to cater to diverse needs, the ePOWER 2000W is tailored to handle fundamental equipment such as power tools, computers, microwaves, televisions, and appliances with power requirements of up to 2000W.

Highlighted ePOWER Inverter Features:

  • Effortless 16A AC Internal Transfer Switch
  • AC RCD/Safety Switch complete with a test button
  • Detachable LED Remote Control Display Panel
  • Reliable Regulated Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Whisper-quiet Operation
  • Streamlined Compact Size for Easy Installation
  • Added Convenience of a USB Port for USB device charging

Experience uninterrupted power conversion with the ePOWER 2000W True Sine Wave Inverter – the ultimate solution for your power needs.


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