Portable Toilet Care

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First of all, you need a couple of chemicals. The first is Aqua Rinse. This is a great product from Thetford, and the second is Aqua Kem Blue. Now the rinse product is for the flush tank, and on the MDC portable toilet the flush tank filler is just at the top. The unit is two separate pieces, and they’ll separate. So, what you need to do is add your rinse, in the correct volume for the water stored, into the flush tank, and you’re done. Now the Aqua Kem blue is for the storage tank, so you add that to the storage tank. It helps keep it fresh, reduce smells, simply it’s great.

The importance of using purpose made products is they protect the rubber seals in your toilet system. There’s a rubber seal that connects with these two items here; you want to protect it, you don’t want to perish it. You hear people saying they put Nappy San and all sorts of other stuff in there; don’t use bleach-based chemicals. Always use the correct type of toilet paper for portable toilets and for the toilet in your caravan. So, once you’ve got your tank filled up, you’ve put your Aqua Rinse in the flush tank, and Aqua Blue in the bottom tank, it’s ready for use.

To use the toilet, there is a knife gate type valve that separates the two tanks and seals up the storage tank when you’re not using the toilet. To use the toilet, you pull out the handle, that now opens a knife gate, so anything you do has now got access to the storage tank.

When you’re done, the flush is the concertina pump on top. So basically, push down on this to flush the toilet. That’ll flush everything away. When you’re done, close the knife gate valve again, and leave it. It’s ready for your next use.

Now one of the downfalls of portable toilets is someone does have to empty it eventually. So, what you can do is separate the two items. Give the top section a clean, rinse it out, close the knife gate, and then you can separate them so you’re not carrying the entire toilet system to your dump point. It’s all sealed up with the knife gate valve. So, you can use it’s carry handle, and carry it off to the dump point. Once you’re there, it’s a matter of opening the large cap and tip it into the dump point.

Only ever drop your black water waste at a designated dump point. Don’t throw it in the bush, don’t tip it out just willy nilly. Keep the environment safe, and only ever do it at a dedicated dump point.

There you go, folks. That’s how you use the portable toilet for your MDC camper trailer. For more great tips and more Masterclass videos, go to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook and you’ll see each one as it’s available.


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