Our Top 7 Favourite Four Wheel Driving Destinations – by the MDC Team

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One thing we really pride ourselves on at MDC is that we love to use our caravans and camper trailers and get out there all over this country and experience all that it has to offer! We know firsthand that our caravans and camper trailers are built to withstand the rugged toughness and extreme weather conditions of the Australian terrain, and most of our team (including Vaughan, the owner of MDC) grew up camping and enjoying the great outdoors long before luxury and offroad capabilities could be used in the same sentence!
MDC originated in Queensland 15+ years ago, and it’s no mistake that it is a state famous for beautiful camping destinations, fishing spots, incredible outback scenery, iconic gorges, floodplains that stretch for hundreds of kilometres, remote pubs, sandy island beaches, thermal hot mud springs and even million-year-old dinosaur sites! It really does have it all, and most of us are old enough to have memories of camping in dodgy tents under leaking tarps and searing heat.
But things have really changed, and a camping holiday is a very different experience now! To celebrate our love for camping and caravanning, we wanted to share some of our favourite 4WD tracks and destinations with you, all of which you can take one of our camper trailers or caravans safely to.
So, in no particular order, here are our top 7 Four Wheel Drive iconic tracks and destinations.

1. The Bungle Bungles, The Kimberley, WA: Jack King, MDC Salesman

There is no denying the breath-taking spectacle in the heart of The Kimberley, Western Australia – which is a bucket list item for any traveller who has an appreciation of spectacular scenery. The iconic Bungle Bungles stand as towering beehive-shaped formations, painted in vibrant orange and black stripes. They are an ancient landscape and when you sit on the edge of Echidna Chasm, watching the colours change during sunrise or sunset, you are carried away at just how awesome and rugged this beautiful country is and how rich it is in indigenous history.
Jack says of his adventures in the Bungle Bungles: “It’s just so extreme. The walks are relatively easy, but the heat is so so crazy, even I got lightheaded after a couple of kms. But the reward is something truly breathtaking. And I think it’s the effort to get in there that makes it so much better. The track off the highway is about 50kms from memory, and it’s an absolute tyre killer, so take it easy and arrive safely!”

2. The Old Tele Track, Cape York, QLD: Vaughan Hindley, Owner of MDC Campers and Caravans

Back in 2013, the MDC team went on the arduous trip from Brisbane all the way to the tip of Australia with 6 vehicles and camper trailers in tow – made up of MDC team members and a few special guests for a video Research and Development trip that they were filming. They tackled the infamous Old Tele Track and for Vaughan, it has been one of the highlights of his professional life.
“It has been so incredible to be able to create a company and design and build such reliable camper trailers (and now caravans) to be able to take your team with you, visit all the iconic destinations you’d seen for years, and do it safely and confidently. Most of these had never been up to the Tip either, so it was a big moment for all of us.”
Cape York’s Old Telegraph Track is a 4WDer’s holy grail and is one of the more challenging roads you’ll ever take. With deep creek crossings, unforeseen obstacles that change each season with the floods and erosion, red bull dust that gets into everything and suspension-snapping corrugations, big saltwater crocs hidden in the creeks and nearby mud and bush, raging bushfires and very limited supplies if something does go wrong! But that is the appeal of the Old Tele Track. It’s remote, wild, and challenging, and definitely an iconic track that you could tackle with your mates or family, with a little planning and experience.
Vaughan says “Probably one of my favourite memories of the whole trip was a hard day on the tracks filming all the challenges along the way that only the Tele Track can present and coming into camp and having a beer all together at Bramwell Station. The mateship you get on those trips is truly special and to face those challenges and pull together as a team is one of my favourite things to do with my team.”

3. Double Island Point, QLD: James Field, MDC General Manager – Commercial & Product

You don’t have to go fully offroad to have an amazing experience in your MDC caravan or camper trailer, and one of James’ favourite destinations to camp with his mates and young family is easy to access and friendly for all driving levels.
The Queensland coastline offers so many beautiful sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and captivating landscapes. Double Island Point stand out for James as idyllic destinations for families seeking a beachside retreat with a little sand driving adventure to get there as well.
Just two hours north of Noosa, D.I., as the locals call it, feels a million miles away from the grind of daily life without feeling completely off grid. Surrounded by Cooloola National Park, Double Island Point is blessed with both golden sandy beaches, calm lagoons, lush rainforest, walking trails and historic landmarks. Even getting to Double Island Point is breathtaking; cruising along some of Queensland’s best 4WD tracks, Teewah Beach Road and Cooloolah Beach Drive to get to your destination.
James says “There is nothing better than feeling the gentle ocean breeze as you camp on the shores in the evening after a fun day of exploring the coastline and wearing out the kids! My wife and I love nothing more than to kick back with a cheese platter, our favourite glass of bubbly or a beer, and just take in the sunset and the peace and quiet.”

4. Plenty Highway, Alice Springs, NT: Anya Piper, MDC Executive Assistant

“My first towing experience was along the gorgeous but mostly unsealed Plenty Highway around Alice Springs – go the chicks 4wding! It’s not really a track as such I suppose, but it was corrugated enough to be a legit experience!”
Anya’s first driving experience through the Red Centre of Australia made such an impact on her, that she has been out on countless more trips with MDC, towing and showing the ladies that they can tow and travel safely around this country as well, if they have a secure set up and a little bit of practical knowledge.
The Plenty Highway connects Queensland and the Red Centre and is ideal for families with a thirst for adventure. This remote highway takes you through arid plains and iconic Australian outback scenery. It stretches 498km from the Stuart Highway, 68km north of Alice Springs, to Tobermorey Homestead on the Northern Territory/Queensland border. The highway takes its name from the Plenty River, an ephemeral watercourse that runs north of and parallel to the road for almost 200km This mostly unsealed road traverses some of the Territory’s most remote and scenic landscapes, steeped in Indigenous culture and pioneering heritage, and attracts people to her for red soil plains and stunning mountain vistas.

5. The Birdsville Track, SA Melissa J Scott ‘Solo Female Traveller’ and MDC Community Manager

“It had always been a dream of mine to do this infamous track. It is 517km long and runs from Birdsville in Qld to Marree, SA. It is both barren and isolated, and in 2015 after leaving the Big Red Bash at Birdsville, my late husband and I set out south on the legendary Birdsville Track in the early afternoon. We were chasing the sunlight and had no real fixed plan, so we found ourselves stopping into the Mungerannie Hotel on dusk to pull up for the night – and it’s also the only fuel stop on the track so it’s very important that you plan for this in your travels.
While there are so many beautiful camping destinations to stop at on this iconic track, (and we were tempted many times), we had one of the best nights ever at this outback Roadhouse/pub, which puts the Birdsville Track right at the top of my list for favourite four-wheel drive tracks – although you could do this dirt track with a high clearance 2WD in good weather.
“Mungerannie Hotel is a typical Aussie outback stop, and then some! It’s eclectic Aussie décor, stripper/dancer pole in the corner, the singer/guitarist perched up on the bar singing Aussie classic songs with the crowd, the crazy women cutting off their pigtails so they could be stapled to the ceiling with the growing collection of human hair (sounds gross but it’s so crazy it’s cool!) and the vibrant personality of the then-publican, Phil and his mixed bunch of staff… we had the best night of our whole trip!
The hotel also has a campground, beautiful watering hole (abundant with birdlife), a hot artesian pool, and while I’ve read that the new owners might have sanitised some of the crazy hat collection (look for the MDC hat that Steve signed!) and human hair… I’m sure it has retained its charm and friendliness that is unique to the outback and highly recommend as a must see when you’re driving the Birdsville Track!”

6. The 5 Beaches Drive at Cape York Steve Zammit – MDC Customer Advocate

Okay… so I know we’ve already mentioned Cape York… but this is a track you can do once you’ve gotten all the way up to Cape York (either via the Tele Track or the Development Road). Steve says: “The 5 Beaches Drive at Cape York on the east coast just a few kilometres from the very tip, is a must do side track on your trip to the northernmost point of Australia.”
The Somerset Ruins are the beginning of the ‘Five Beaches Loop’, which is a collection of beaches and headland driving that winds south past fly point and along the beaches to Vallack Point, the site of Frank Jardine’s Cattle Station.
The Road is actually called the Nanthau Beach Road but was dubbed the 5 beaches loop. Each of the 5 beaches offers extremely firm sand driving with soft sand at the entrance and exit of each of the headland ruins. While this isn’t the most difficult 4WDing ever, it is not recommended for soft road type vehicles. Several of the headlands have hard rock steps that require high ground clearance and very careful tyre placement.
Steve says “The loop road takes 1 hour 45 minutes to complete at a leisurely pace without extended stops and is a fantastic day trip if you take your time. If you find yourself at the very tip of Australia, it’s absolutely essential to take in this piece of coastline and the historical Somerset Station to understand the remoteness and hardships that the early explorers must have endured.”

7. Kooljaman, Cape Leveque, the Kimberley Wayne Chevis, MDC Assistant National Sales Manager

Cape Leveque is located on the tip of the Dampier Peninsula and is a 200 kilometres drive from Broome of unsealed road, famous for their corrugations and tricky sandy sections.
Wayne says “Cape Leveque is my favourite destination in all of Australia, and having grown up as a kid in Kakadu, NT, that’s saying something! It is hidden and out of the way, and it’s even harder to get there, but once you arrive and see the pristine white beaches and the golden red cliffs, you’ll understand why it was worth the effort and you won’t want to leave. It’s a very special place.
You will definitely need a four-wheel drive vehicle for this trip, and a decent amount of driving experience to make the journey safely. Allow three and a half hours for the drive from Broome to Cape Leveque and during the summer wet season, the road will sometimes be closed to traffic so pick your seasons well.
There is excellent swimming, fishing, and snorkelling there, and it is an oasis in one of Australia’s most ancient and iconic terrains. I highly recommend it for anybody that is looking for beauty and adventure.”

So, there you have it, 7 of our MDC team members and their favourite four-wheel drive destinations around this big country of ours. We are so committed to building tough and robust caravans and camper trailers that allows families to venture into the heart of Australia with confidence, knowing that they will get there safely and be able to create unforgettable moments and memories. The road is yours to explore, and with MDC, every destination becomes a chapter in your extraordinary adventure tale. We are just happy to share a few of our memories with you and hope to see you out there on the open road!

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