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Family Hybrid Offroad Caravan

For many years, what's been missing in lightweight off-road caravans, is a caravan that will fit a family of five. MDC have taken great care of that with the Forbes 15 plus. Built on a tough chassis and off-road suspension, this little beauty will take you to the ends of the Outback with ease. This great looking van is lightweight, and built on the proven MDC chassis. The body is built with a welded aluminium frame and bonded composite panel, making it extremely strong.

There is no shortage of great features in the Forbes 15 plus. An electric awning is standard, and the awning can also be converted into an enclosed annex using the annex kit. The kitchen is a gourmet's delight, with high BTU burners and auto ignition. A kitchen surround for windy conditions that doubles as a drying rack, and hot and cold water plumbed to the sink. A pantry drawer right beside the kitchen takes care of storage for cooking needs, and utensils can be kept in the cutlery drawer beneath. Within easy reach is a fold down table for added preparation room or serving meals.


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Excellent construction starts with excellent design. All MDC products are designed and engineered in Solidworks to ensure they are up to the task of your adventures.


Lifetime Warranty

MDC have always been at the forefront of warranty protection and the lifetime structural chassis and drawbar warranty is among the leading warranty offers in the industry.

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MDC Forbes 15Plus Offroad Caravan 3D Floorplan

Please Note: Above 3D Floorplan is a representative pictorial of floorplan/layout only, please refer to actual product photos for design features and benefits.


Towball Weight

Approx. 180kg

Tare Weight

Approx. 2225kg



mdc au forbes15 plus offroad caravan dimensions
MDC AU Forbes 15 plus offroad caravan dimensions

Interior Design

Durable finishes and quality appliances are cornerstones of a great caravan. One look at the Forbes 15+ will tell you this is a comfortable, ergonomic and van built to last. LED lighting, comfortable mattresses, diesel heating and air conditioning means you take a clean sweep in the luxury stakes.

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For the Forbes 15+ Offroad Caravan

External Features

300 watts of solar power on top of full metal and composite roof provide plenty of off grid capability while the electric awning with annex brings shelter and loads of extra space. The stainless steel kitchen is a gourmets delight with high BTU output burners, drying rack and wind deflectors built in. Pantry storage, drop down table and enormous fridge slide make this caravan next level glamping for the family.




Affordable Offroad Caravan

The front storage hatch has a huge fridge slide to carry the popular family size fridges. On the opposite side is a large storage area for those extra camping necessities. Inside the van is a generous size ensuite with shower and toilet, making off-grid camping a pleasure. The 14 litre Truma hot water system provides hot water at the flick of a switch. The inner spring queen size mattress is 200 millimetres thick, with a comfy pillow top for a great night's sleep. The bunk beds are sturdy, and long enough for taller kids, with handy 12 volt and USB power outlets for tablets and phones.

The dinette itself can be folded down and turned into another bunk. This is what makes the Forbes 15 plus suitable for five people. For comfort on cold nights, the Forbes 12 plus is fitted with a diesel heater as standard. For hot summer days, the Dometic air conditioner keeps you cool and comfy. The clever use of storage space in this van ensures you can take all the necessary items for camping comfort. There is plenty of power, with three 100 ampere deep cycle batteries powered by the 300-watt roof-mounted solar panels. Power management is taken care of with a projector IDC 25 controller, which manages the power input from your tow vehicle via the 50 amp Anderson plug. There's even an inverter to power smaller 240-volt items.

If you're connecting to mains or generator power, the Projector seven stage charger will charge and condition your batteries quickly and continuously. All these great features mean nothing unless you put them on the MDC chassis and off-road suspension package. The chassis is fully engineered in solid works to ensure it is strong and durable. Fitted with MDC's Tough Trax coil sprung trailing arm suspension and twin big bore shock absorbers, you're ready to tackle the wilds of the Australian Outback with absolute confidence.

For strength and durability, MDC caravans are built with some of the most modern technologies available. One is a welded aluminium frame made out of square tube section. It's fully welded, and then the inner and outer skins of the walls are bonded onto the aluminium frame using high tech polyurethane. This is cutting edge technology used on bullet trains, buses, and trucks. Extremely strong, there's nothing to rot, and it will last a lifetime. Something MDC have moved into and making great progress with is composite floors. This material is a fibreglass honeycomb composite. It is extremely lightweight, and it bonds well to all the materials that we use in our caravans. This is the future of MDC caravans. Super strong, super lightweight, can't rot, and made to last you a lifetime.

With all the features you could possibly want in an off road caravan, the Forbes 15 plus has it all.

Customer Reviews

"Perfect First Road Trip"

"Had already done a beach trip for first adventure. A little time to sort out what was what. Decided to go from brisbane to mt isa doing a road trip with my daughter. It was perfect. Not one problem anywhere. Other caravaners etc even commented what a great setup and how quick it was. Followed all the information mick from brisbane told us to do with wheel nuts etc. (Was little worried from reading others post) but came home without even a stratch. Would highly recommend"
Debbie S, Brisbane QLD

"Great Off Road Caravan"

"Very empressed with the quality of the van, has everything we wanted and more. We would highly recommend MDC to anyone considering to buy a caravan."
Ggj, Townsville QLD


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