North Stradbroke Island: Your Next Holiday Destination

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Situated off the coast of Brisbane, Queensland just below Moreton Island lies North Stradbroke Island. A little slice of island paradise only a 50 minute ferry ride away. North Straddie boasts beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal blue water, a number of clear fresh water lakes for both swimming and adventuring, and a pristine natural environment for all to enjoy. With plenty of campsites and 4WD tracks to be explored, North Stradbroke Island is your perfect destination for a weekend away with your MDC camper trailer or caravan.

Frenchman's Beach
Getting There: 

Accessing North Straddie with your MDC off road camper or caravan is easy as ever. All you need to do is buy a ferry ticket from Stradbroke Ferries to book your spot. Ferries operate from 6am until 6pm seven days a week, making your transport to and from Stradbroke smooth and hassle free. See their website for prices and booking information here.

Getting Around:  

North Stradbroke features both sealed and unsealed roads. So you can experience everything the island has to offer in your MDC camper or caravan on or off the road. There are countless numbers of accommodation, from hotels and cabins, to standard and 4WD campsites and caravan parks. See the below map for site locations and attractions.

To curb your craving for adventure, the island features a variety of 4WD tracks catered to all experience levels. Our favourite tracks are woven between the Old Pine Forest and bushland surrounding Brown Lake, Main Beach and Flinders Beach. These are also the easiest to cross, but watch for rain as it can make the tracks impassable. An important tip to note is to always decrease your tyre pressure of both your camper/caravan and your 4WD when driving on sand and be aware of the tide level. Beach driving is only permitted on Main Beach and Flinders Beach and driving on dunes is prohibited. These sites also have beach campsites and accessible by 4WD only.

Beach Driving Safety Tips: 

If this is your first experience with sand driving it is important to familiarise yourself with these vital safety tips.

  1. When entering a beach access point, ensure you have decreased your tyre pressure and engage a low gear before entering, as these points can be soft and powdery.
  2. Do not overload your vehicle.
  3. Follow the tracks in front of you to avoid damaging the surrounding ecosystem.
  4. Stay alert and be aware! Be mindful of what’s around you and watch out for pedestrians or wildlife that could be on the tracks you’re taking. Due to beach noise, pedestrians often don’t hear the sound of an oncoming vehicle. So be aware of what’s around you and stick to the speed limit.
  5. Look out for washouts, don’t take a risk! Walk the washout to check for depth. You wouldn’t want your vehicle or MDC camper or caravan to get stuck.
  6. Before entering soft sand engage 4WD and lock four wheeling hubs.
  7. Park away from the busy driving area if on a main beach at an angle so oncoming vehicles know that you are stationary.
  8. Avoid getting bogged by driving on hard, flat sand at low tide. We suggest driving when it is 2 hours either side of low tide.
  9. Have the right tools handy you should always have the following tools in your kit when driving on sand to avoid any unwelcome situations: shovel, tyre pressure gauge, first aid kit, maxtrax.


    In order to drive safely on Straddie, you will need a permit for designated bush and beach areas. These are easy to obtain and are reasonably priced. You can buy a permit from various locations around the island, such as the Straddie Camping Reservations Office, Adder Rock Camping Ground, Amity Point Camping Ground and Cylinder Beach Camping Ground. Profits made from permits are put directly back into preserving the islands natural habitats. Ensuring your money is being used for a good cause. Permits can last for a month or a year depending on how often you will be venturing out to the island. Find permit prices and booking information here.
What To Do: 

There is an abundance of activities to do whilst on Straddie. Diving at the coral reefs spotting manta rays and tropical fish, whale watching and surfing are the most popular amongst those who visit the island. There are also great fishing spots and walking tracks for campers who prefer a more laid back holiday.  

Diving on Stradbroke Island Reefs
Humpback Whale Breaching Off Stradbroke Island

So venture out to North Stradbroke Island these holidays. Escape with confidence with your MDC camper trailer or caravan today. Happy camping!


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