Episode 2 - Steve Zammit, MDC Customer Advocate and 'Mayor of MDC Paddock'

In the second episode of OFFGRID DOWNUNDER, we chat with Steve Zammit, the Customer Advocate at MDC Caravans and Camper Trailers.

Steve brings all his camping industry wisdom and know-how to MDC, as he explains his role and how it benefits customers and users of MDC caravans. Essentially, Steve is the ‘voice’ of our customers, ensuring that every MDC adventurer gets the royal treatment, safeguarding their rights and ease throughout their journey.


In this episode, Steve also shares his passion for protecting consumer rights, making sure that everyone who hops on board an MDC caravan enjoys a smooth ride from the initial buying process to the handover process and well into the future. He emphasizes the importance of fairness in sales, warranties, and aftercare, highlighting MDC’s commitment to upholding Australian consumer laws and keeping customers smiling through the tight practice of meeting all industry regulations, in particular ISO 9001 and industry-lead RVMAPS.

On a lighter note, Steve also moonlights as the official “Mayor of the MDC Paddock,” as the friendly face and champion for MDC & AUSRV Owners at events like the Big Red Bash in Birdsville, which he frequents every year. We share some great stories of the close-knit community that has grown from these events, where friendships are forged around campfires and experiences are selflessly shared amongst all who choose to get involved. And the nice thing is, it’s such an inclusive community that everybody is included.

Speaking from both of our personal experiences, the magic of the MDC & AUSRV Owners Group, (with over 20,000 members), is unique to MDC and a true jewel in our crown. The group serves as a bank of knowledge regarding tips, tricks, 24/7 support and heart-warming stories, inspired by a collective love for offroad exploration by the members and MDC team that are active within the group.

In Steve’s world, every customer’s voice matters, including the valuable feedback that shapes our products and services. From innovative features inspired by customer suggestions to impromptu gatherings, Steve showcases how MDC listens, learns, and thrives because we listen carefully to our customers.

I’ve known Steve for many years and his commitment to the industry and the people he serves has strengthened with each year. With his vast knowledge and expertise in developing so many valuable resources for MDC from the online Masterclasses, Owner Manuals and personal phone support to all valued customers, is a testament to the man that he is.

Steve’s infectious enthusiasm is a nice reminder that MDC isn’t just a caravan company – it truly is a family that everyone is invited to join and feel that sense of community that is missing in so many people’s lives these days. (It’s part of the reason why so many people are getting back into camping these days!) And with Steve leading the way as Customer Advocate at MDC, every adventure whether you are on one our tagalong tours, in the Big Red Bash convoy, or just out camping with friends, feels like coming home.

We hope you enjoy the episode and share it with your friends and camping community. And if you are interested in looking at an MDC caravan or camper trailer, please reach out to one of show rooms and come check them out!

Melissa J Scott
MDC Community Manager

Many thanks to:

Steve Zammit, MDC Customer Advocate
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marketdirectcampers
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mdc_camper_trailers/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMjoehlkYGZ2VqW7vLfMujg

Daniel Easton, MDC & AUSRV Owners Group:

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