Episode 1 - Meet MDC Owners Mandy & Rolly Heath + Daniel Easton

Welcome to the very first episode of the OFFGRID DOWNUNDER podcast and video series, presented by MDC Caravans and Campers, and made especially for you!

If you’ve stumbled across this podcast or video, it’s because you have some kind of interest in the caravanning and camping world, and so do we! MDC is a very prominent Australian owned caravan company, and this podcast is focused on sharing behind-the-scenes stories, adventures and advice from our MDC Camping and Caravanning Community.

For our first episode, we are interviewing long-term MDC Owner’s friends Mandy and Rolly Heath, from YouTube channel ‘Memories Not Money’. I had the pleasure of meeting them last year when driving in convoy to the Big Red Bash in Birdsville, with the MDC & AUSRV Owners Group and MDC team. – And then travelling into Cape York in convoy with them.

Mandy and Rolly epitomise the warmth and generosity that characterises our community. As active members of the MDC & AUSRV Owners Group on Facebook, (which boasts an active membership of over 20,000 people) and is independently run by the exceptional Daniel Easton, they all embody the spirit of MDC and the camping industry.

Therefore, we thought it only fitting with the first episode of the podcast that we would feature some of our fantastic members and customers – people that love, breathe, and eat the lifestyle of caravanning and camping. I also interviewed Daniel Easton, the owner of the MDC & AUSRV Owners Group, and proud owner of his third caravan. (Mandy and Rolly are also about to upgrade to their third MDC caravan.)

In this podcast, you get to meet a lot of our members and hear their unique stories. Through their experiences and recommendations, they help us bring a better product to you guys, and I am so excited to introduce them to you. For authenticity’s sake, this interview was recorded while sitting in a pub at Laura after having just come out of Cape York. We were feeling a little tired, but excited after our adventures, and this is a conversation all about the trip with some pretty powerful tips and insights from Mandy and Rolly about travelling safely around Australia.

Daniel’s interview comes to you from a little town called Bedourie, which is a couple of hundred kilometres outside of Birdsville, when we’d wrapped up the Big Red Bash and everyone was heading either home or to different locations.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the episode. Please like it, share, comment and tune in each week to meet more of our members, team and industry players. We are really happy to receive your feedback because this podcast is for you. We can’t wait to hear what you think about it, and we really hope you enjoy the stories that we’re going to be sharing with you in the future.

Melissa J Scott
Community Manager at MDC 

Many thanks to:

Mandy and Rolly Heath, Memories Not Money
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/memoriesnotmoney
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@memoriesnotmoney

Daniel Easton, MDC & AUSRV Owners Group:

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