Lubrication and Maintenance

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It’s time to do a bit of under-camper maintenance and grease the swingarm bushes on your suspension. Firstly, you’ll need a grease gun. Head down to Supercheap, Repco, and grab yourself one of these. Tell them Minister for War and Finance, Steve, said you’ve got to have one. Now, you’re back from Repco with your $85 grease gun, and you’ve hidden the receipt from your significant other, we can get started. If you want to have a look underneath, you’ll see that some trailing arm suspension has greaseable pins, so they grease on the inside of the bush, and there’s also an external grease point as well. We’re able to get a stack of grease into these. Some will have just a grease point on the trailing arm at the front each side.

What you do is attach to the grease point. Pop that on and pump some grease in there. After you’ve done this, often you’ll see some squeeze out around the bushes, and that will let you know that you’re filling up the entire cavity full of grease. Something you want to remember, if you’re travelling, say the Tele Track, and you’ve got water crossing after water crossing after water crossing, it doesn’t hurt to take a grease gun with you. In the evening, put a few squirts of grease back into the bushes and you’re set.

What it will do is it will expel any water that’s managed to work its way in there. Doesn’t take long for this issue to happen. If you get stuck, and you’re sitting in Nolan Brook up to your door handles in water for 15 minutes, it’s going to get in where the grease is. All it takes is a few squirts in the afternoon before you sit down to have dinner, and you’ll get rid of the water. Remember, folks, with a little bit of love and some regular maintenance, your camper trailer will love you back. For more great tips, more information on service, head over to our website and follow the masterclass series, and definitely, follow us on Facebook.

Don’t forget the Masterclass series is on video for you to watch here. But, above all, if you have some kind of handy hint similar to this that you think will help other campers and MDC owners, send us an email and we’ll turn it into a video and spread it to the rest of the world.

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