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Today we’re going to be talking to you about our 10th anniversary edition Jackson Forward Fold. Let me show you some of the features.

Now let’s have a look at your fridge slide box. Compression locks at the front, there. Gas strut assisted door. Nice and easy. Pinch weld rubber seal [inaudible 00:00:44] the door, keep all the dust and water out as well. Nice big fridge slide in there as well. Take up to a good size 60 litre fridge in there. Easy done. Unlock them. Out they come. As you can see it’s all [inaudible 00:00:56] as well for safety. Looks after your fridge. Tight end points everywhere there as well. Supplied with tight end straps, so while you’re travelling along, your fridge can sit in there. It’s a 12 volt socket in the back there as well to plug into. It’s also ventilated at the back of the box to keep everything nice and cool. So, travel in safety folks, keep the fridge in there, slide them away, absolutely beautiful.

Up here as well, what we have here is your pantry shelf. Again, pinch weld rubber seals around your door there, keep all your dust and water out. You’ve got a great, big shelf at the top there. You’ve also got a nice, big pantry drawer there as well, put all your foods, bits, and pieces in. Plenty of room there for the family.

Now let’s have a look at the kitchen. So, as you’re pulling your stove out, folks, bring it out nice and easy. Nice, big, heavy slides on there. Don’t forget your support leg as well. Support lifts in underneath here, you’ll find your little hole just there. So, pop it in, lift it up, that’ll support your kitchen nice and easily. Really nice, little slide out bench there as well. You get plenty of storage space on there.

One of the things you’ll find in the Market Direct Campers is the Italian Smev stove. These are a true, off road stove. Don’t want a household stove in a camper trailer, you want an off road one. Don’t rattle around, nice and solid, the best sort of thing money can buy. Plenty of storage right the way through here as well. You’ve got a cutlery tray there as well to hold all your bits and pieces in so they’re not rattling around everywhere. You’ve got another drawer in there, nice big drawer storage. Another door down there as well. It’s a full, working, proper kitchen, so when you’re out camping you can cook up a storm for the whole family. All of your water, all of your gas are all quick connect fittings as well so there’s no having to move gas bottles around. Everything here is easy, you can literally have this kitchen up and going in a matter of moments.

Here at the back of the Jackson Forward Fold where you’ll find dual spare wheels. Now you’ve got mud terrain tyres on alloy rims. LED tyre lights as well, LED number plate lights. What you’ll also find in the back here is rated recovery points, so if you’re ever stuck, or someone’s stuck behind you, you can recover them with the back of your camper as well.

While you’re here as well, you’ll find underneath here a 120 litre stainless steel water tank. You’ve got a full, independent, trailing-arm suspension, 10 coil spring, dual shock absorbers. You have parallel [inaudible 00:03:22] bearings in there, you’ve also got 12 inch electric brakes.

On the Jackson Ford Fold, you’ll find a winch, front and rear of the camper. What they’re for is help you open and close, so no heavy lifting, it’s all done by the winch.

Here at the back of the Jackson Ford Fold, you’ll find another little compartment. Open your compression lock up, again you’ll find full automotive pinch weld rubber seal, no dust, no water, and you don’t want any in there because this is where your electric pump hides. So, electric pump for all your water, easily accessible behind the little shroud there. It’s out of the dust, it’s out of the water, it’s gonna last you a long time.

Moving up here to the next door, folks, what you’ll find behind this one is your full electrical system. And I mean this camper trailer got a little extra system like you’ve never seen. What you’ll find with these is full isolation switch there as well, so when you’re not using your camper you can shut it all off, it’s not gonna be drowning your batteries. Water level indicator, so push the button and you’ll see how much water you’ve got in your tank. You’ve got switches for everything there as well. You’ve got automatic reset circuit breakers in there. 12 volt sockets, you’re gonna find seven of them right the way through the van and one of them is a US [inaudible 00:04:27] as well. Indicators there that’ll tell you how much power you’ve got in your batteries and that’ll tell you how much power the actual camper is using. And speaking of batteries, folks, you get not one but you get two ampoule AGM batteries with this camper trailer as well. You’ll get three LED strip lights with it as well so it lights up beautifully. As I said, as far as electrical system goes in camper trailers, this is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.

On the roof of the Jackson Ford Fold, you’re gonna find yourself a boat loader. Fully automatic, tilts out the side there, all gas strut assisted as well. Now what you’ll find in our gas struts, too, that you don’t find very often, is these little dust covers. What they do is they protect all the seals in your gas struts there, so when you’re opening and closing all the time, the dust doesn’t start scoring all your seals, before you know it, you’ve got leaking everywhere, boat loader’s not working. Boat loader’s ready to take 120 kilo. Don’t have to use it for a boat, you can store luggage up there, you can store firewood, all your other bits and pieces as well. The other thing you’ll find is nice, stainless steel everywhere. [inaudible 00:05:29] catchers, all stainless steel as well. Only the best will do.

At the front of the camper here, you’ll find storage, storage, storage. Again, nice [inaudible 00:05:41] catchers, pinch weld rubber seals, back shelf that goes right through to the other side there. Plenty of storage there for all your goodies as well. And speaking of goodies, folks, have a look at this. So, gas strut assisted door again, plenty of storage room up there, and with the Jackson Forward Folds, what you get: three one metre long LED strip lights. Your fire extinguisher, your hitch receiver for your poly block hitch at the front. Spare wheel, tyre remover, all your keys, plus your straps. We went through the fridge slide before, there are the straps we supply you so you can tie your fridge down.

At the front of the camper here, you’ll find two jerry can holders, tray load of jerry can holders on there. Two full kilo gas holders as well with your gas rig there. All the gas is permanently pumped right the way through, gas certificate supplied. Stone guard at the front there, protect your trailer. Nice, big mud flaps, either side there. Again, as we said, winch front and winch rear, so you can winch this open and winch it closed. Nice and easy, nothing hard at all about it. Jockey wheel at the front there, hand brake as well, rated safety chain, rated shackle, and a nice, little hook there to keep them up out-of-the-way so they’re not dragging along the ground. ADR compliant, poly block, off road hitch there as well. 50 amp Anderson plug and your choice of trailer plugs. Flat, round, or large round. Take your pick.

[inaudible 00:07:20] those things… already set up. Done.


Alicia Blythe: So simple. So simple. Yep.

Bill Berg: They are beautiful. And almost like with a pop top caravan, the features, isn’t it?

Alicia Blythe: Yeah.

Bill Berg: …up off the ground.

Alicia Blythe: You don’t have to worry, obviously, about bad weather and things like that too.

Bill Berg: No. No. If your camping experience turns really bad and this is turning to mud, you’ve got somewhere in the lounge area that you can all sit in.

Alicia Blythe: Yep. Pop the kids up there.

Bill Berg: Those bars, as well. If you want, you can actually move those bars to the back corner so they’re out of the way. Just run a spreader through the roof there so it really does open up the back area.

Alicia Blythe: Perfect.

Bill Berg: One of the great features I love about this thing here is the extra bed area. So you’ve got a table under here that converts into a full, big, double bed area here you can use as a daybed for yourself, to sleep. Because it’s so nice and breezy here with the windows open.

Alicia Blythe: Get a little day nap.

Bill Berg: Correct, correct. Or simply lift your cushions up out of the way.

Alicia Blythe: So it’s just those two middle cushions there?

Bill Berg: Yep. Remove your infill, that’s one of the infills. Then your last piece here, converts into your table. So, pretty much legs out, you can adjust these legs up to whatever you want. And you’ve got yourself an instant, little table there. These cushions here, or what I do with these ones here, live up the back there. And it makes you something to rest up against.

Alicia Blythe: You can sit there and read your book.

Bill Berg: Yeah, sit there and read your book, have a glass of wine, have a beer, and just relax in comfort in your camper trailer. It makes it nice and airy, nice and open. It’s a comfortable, comfortable, camper trailer to be in.

Alicia Blythe: Definitely.

Bill Berg: What you love about this is it’s just so comfortable, just a comfortable area in here, nice and breezy. Got your midge screen mesh there so you’re not gonna get the nasties inside there. And up against your arm there.

Alicia Blythe: I’m pretty comfy in the corner over here.

Bill Berg: Internal window flaps as well as external ones so if you’ve got the tent open, it’s getting a bit cool during the night, or starts raining, you can zip everything up from inside. So no need to go outside.

Alicia Blythe: Yeah, definitely.

Bill Berg: Another one, gusseted tent bows in the corners, you’ve got the triangular gussets in all the tent bows up there. Added strength because they do [inaudible 00:09:32] a nice, tall, camper to give you plenty of breeze. Those gussets just add extra strength to your bow structure.

Alicia Blythe: Now we’ve actually got a [inaudible 00:09:41] and such over the top of this as well.

Bill Berg: We do, we do. That’s why it’s so much cooler in here. It’s an extra layer over there, gives you a pocket of air, so you can get air circulation in there but it keeps the direct sun off your roof.

Alicia Blythe: Yeah, and with your adjustors on either end, obviously three on each end and one on each one in the middle there. Nice and tight, keeps it taut, doesn’t flap against the top of the tent, obviously.

Bill Berg: Yep, stays on there, don’t have to touch it, pops up with the tent. Does its thing.

OK there, folks, here we are, your Jackson’s all set up. Nice and easy, nothing hard about it, everything’s been straightforward. It literally took us around the 40 minute mark, nothing hard about it, was it, Lic?

Alicia Blythe: No, we’ve done everything. We’ve literally put the floor in, we’ve put the windows in, we’ve done everything. This is your complete setup within that 40 minutes.

Bill Berg: It’s ready for you and your family to go out and enjoy the weekend, so get into it.