How to Have the Best Family Camping Fun this Halloween

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Spooky season is creeping closer and closer, and what better way to celebrate with the kids than to take them camping this Halloween! Some adults may not be phased by the American tradition, but Halloween is becoming more popular with adults young at heart, young kids, and teens. I mean who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up right? Halloween-themed crafts and games are sure to keep the kids entertained, and spooky food is a great way to show off your creativity. So dust off your broomstick, and start rehearsing your favourite campfire ghost story because we have a list of fun things you can do to ensure you and the kids have a spooktacular camping trip this Halloween.

1. Campsite Decoration

Now this activity can be done at any level. Packing light for a laidback Halloween weekend away? Campsite decoration doesn’t have to be a DIY craft extravaganza, simple spooky-themed balloons, streamers, or paper monsters stuck around your campsite make for the perfect décor that will keep everyone in the spirit. Grab yourself some glow sticks to stick in the ground for some creepy creative lighting alternatives. These simple items can be found at any local craft or dollar store. Check out our suggested items below!

Spider Web Table ClothPumpkin-Themed NapkinsPumpkin Paper PlatesSpiderweb Paper CupsHalloween Cupcake Decor Set with ToppersPlastic Spiders.

However, if you find decorating to be half the fun, we have some more intricate Halloween decoration craft ideas to spook up your campsite. Fake spider webs with plastic spiders strung amongst your camper or caravan and throughout the trees or bushes surrounding your site will make for the perfect scary setup. Spooky paper lanterns in the shapes of ghosts or jack-o-lanterns will help light the way when trick or treating. Simply find some Halloween-coloured paper and cut shapes of ghosts, scary faces, and spiders the options are endless, so fill them with battery-operated tea lights and place them around your campsite. Kids are sure to love helping you create them.

Try your hand at some scary fabric ghosts to place around your site! To start, grab a medium-sized Styrofoam ball and some white fabric found at any craft store, stick the Styrofoam ball onto a stake, and secure the fabric on top of the ball with a rubber band. Draw some spooky faces and stick them on the ground. Another fun activity that kids can get involved with is spooky rock painting! Get the kids to collect some rocks and paint them with spooky monster faces and place them around your table, these lil guys are sure to add some extra spooky spirit to your campsite.

2. Halloween Food

A Halloween celebration isn’t complete without a Halloween-themed feast. The little ones can join in on the fun here too. The kids can unleash their creativity and decorate some creepy cupcakes with lolly bats, and candy corn and paint some spooky Frankenstein and skull faces with icing (Find recipe here). Buy some pre-made mini pizzas, or English muffins, and get the kids to make some Halloween Mini Pizzas (Find recipe here). For an extra spooky touch, lay out your cheese in a spider’s web design – parents might need to take care of this intricate step. To ensure the kids get their 2 fruits in for the day, try making some ghoulish banana ghosts (Find recipe here).  If you’ve got guests coming to your campsite for Halloween, put a spread on with a spooky Jack-O-Lantern Guts Spinach and Cheese Cob Loaf (Find recipe here). Whip up some Witches Brew  Stew in your cauldron (slow cookers are also fine) (Find recipe here). Or make some Ghoulish Caramel Apples (Find recipe here). Ensure your table is on brand with themed table covers, napkins, and Halloween confetti, see our links below for some hints.

Spider Web Table Cloth, Pumpkin Themed Napkins, Pumpkin Paper Plates, Spiderweb Paper Cups, Halloween Cupcake Decor Set with Toppers, Plastic Spiders

3. ghost stories around the campfire

When is a more appropriate time to scare the pants off the kids with a ghost story than Halloween? Now we don’t want to completely traumatise the little ones but telling ghost stories around a roaring campfire whilst everyone’s enjoying smores or a camp stew is one of the oldest but timeless camping traditions. Plus, it’s a surefire way to make lasting family memories that the kids will keep with them. Classic scares like Bloody Mary, The Wendigo, or Slenderman are sure to give the kids (and adults) the chills this Halloween. Check out this blog for some awesome kid-friendly ghost stories: 

4. Costume competition

It comes without saying that if you’re celebrating Halloween you’re required to dress up, obviously! Holding a costume competition amongst kids and adults is a great way to share the spooky season spirit and get everyone involved. Whether it be just a spooky mask or a witch’s hat, or a full-fledged DIY costume that you’ve spent 30 hours on with homemade blood and guts, a costume competition is a must-do this Halloween.

5. campsite trick or treating

If you’re staying at a caravan park this Halloween, try your hand at trick or treating, we know your kids will want to. Once you’re all dressed up head out to your most friendly neighbours and see if they’re also in the spooky season spirit. Once your kids make the rounds they can come back and compare treats and gobble up all that Halloween candy. Even though Halloween is not an Aussie tradition, most caravan parks join in the fun and put on fun games and activities for the kids.

6. Scavenger hunt

If you’re not staying in a caravan park this spooky season, but still want the kids to enjoy the Halloween fun, try setting up a scavenger hunt for them. Hide various items such as candy and fun spooky toys or objects like glow sticks and bubble blowers amongst your campsite and give the kids a set amount of time to find them all. They will have a blast searching for all these fun things, and it will keep them occupied while the adults enjoy their well-deserved free time.

So, there you have it, plenty of fun activities you and the kids can enjoy together this spooky season. Whether it be campsite crafts, spooky treats, or dressing up, you now have some great ideas for what to do if you’re camping this Halloween.  

Happy Halloween from MDC and always remember to escape with confidence!


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