How To Beat Corrosion

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If you like to take your camper up and down the beach or camp by the seaside, corrosion is something that you’ll be used to. In this article we explain how to combat signs of corrosion in your MDC camper or caravan. All metal will corrode in some way, and when we build camper trailers we use a lot of 8.8 grade bolts that are zinc-plated. Zinc plating isn’t the best corrosion inhibitor around but unfortunately some materials we are stuck with and sometimes we need to give it a bit of a help. 

Lanotec is a product you should get to know.  This stuff is absolutely fantastic for doing the job. If you’re preparing a camper to get up the beach, grab some Lanotec and start spraying the zinc-plated bolts, particularly bolts like those holding your jockey wheel on, the hitch bolts, the bolts on the boat rack that are 8.8 grade zinc coated, and the bolts that secure the gas strut into the body of the camper trailer. All of those could do with a little bit of extra protection

When you drive up and down the beach, it’s not uncommon for saltwater to get into the chassis. If you’ve got a trailer that has a hot dipped galvanized chassis, at the weld points where the steel tubes are joined together there’ll be little relief holes that lead inside to the chassis. They’re put there so the molten zinc can get inside the chassis when it’s hot dipped. Also, it allows air to escape so the tube doesn’t explode when it’s put into the bath.

When you get home and you’re cleaning your trailer down, and you stick the hose up into those little holes in the chassis and clean all the sand and salt out of it, its time to grab your Lanotec. Place the little nozzle in, and spray Lanotec inside the chassis for added protection. You can’t have too much protection against corrosion because we all want our camper trailers and caravans to last us a lifetime.

Grab yourself some Lanotec and regularly give your trailer some love with it, make sure it’s not going to rust so in 10 years time when you sell it, you’ll get more money back for it to upgrade to a new one, there’s just miles and miles of advantages in it. For more great tips and tricks, get over to our website, check out the Masterclass series, and follow us on Facebook for the regular updates.


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