How to Add Extra Solar Panels to your Setup

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Let’s take a look at solar power and how you can add solar panels to your camper or caravan.

With most MDC trailers, the solar connects straight through the Anderson plug. You simply choose a solar panel that’s regulated, it must have the regulator that connects via an Anderson plug, plug it into your draw bar and point it around.

If you have more than one solar panel you want to run at the same time, what you can do is piggyback them. So, if we want to run two panels and it doesn’t matter if they’re different watt panels, what you can do is run them parallel, which means positive to positive, negative to negative on the two panels and with a two-into-one Anderson plug conversion, plug it into the draw bar and away you go.

As long as they’re regulated panels, they’ll do the job. They’ll charge the batteries. For example if you’ve got a 120-watt panel and a 180-watt panel, you will get exactly the combination of the output of those. If you run them in series, as in positive to negative, et cetera, like a series of batteries, you will only get the multiple of how many panels you have times the lowest value panel. So, we recommend against this. You only do that if you want to increase the voltage output of the panels.
That’ll work with almost all our camper trailers. The Robson XTT is a little bit different in that it has a built-in solar panel and an IDC25 solar controller.
If you want to run multiple panels, again, you can parallel piggyback them the way I’ve described up to 380 watts. The IDC25 will only allow 380 watts input through that.
So, with the caravans, though, they’re set up very different. They don’t have an external input for the solar because you’ve got 300 watts all connected up on the roof, hardwired into the IDC25.

So, if you want to up the amount of solar you have, the ideal way is to run another Anderson plug from the battery to an external point on the caravan in which you can plug in a regulated panel. There’s only one solar input on the IDC25 so you can’t run multiple inputs. What’s on the roof is it. That’s final.

If you want to run additional panels, you need to wire it direct to the battery, make sure you fuse it, do everything safely, and then you can plug in regulated panels into the external socket you’ve installed and you’ve increased your solar power.
It’s that easy, folks. It’s very, very simple. Follow those steps. If you’re unsure, consult an auto electrician, a 12-volt or solar specialist, and have them install it for you.
A little bit more information from Masterclass. If you want more information, see our videos, go to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook, so you can see each one as it’s available.


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