How Big are your Bearings?

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In this article we are going to explain the parallel axle and bearing setup on the MDC campers and caravans. It’s a little bit different, and the spares you’ll have to take are a little bit different as well. This article is so you know what to pack to make sure you’re covered on any of your trips.

Essentially, on an MDC camper or caravan, the axle is parallel. In other words, it’s straight. It’s not tapered like traditional axles. What that means is this is the kind of bearing we use, is a very large parallel bearing.

What it does is when it sits on the axle, the load is axial, the bearing on a traditional tapered axle wants to slide towards the smaller end. When you look at the size difference, you can see why the parallel axle and bearing system is so much stronger. The components are larger, they do a lot less work, and they’re structurally stronger.

The full parallel axle and bearing setup consists of a seal at the bottom, bearings either side, both the same size and crown nut above, locked in with the split pin to make the full assembly.

One of the things you also have to remember, is because it’s a parallel axle, you can’t run down to your local Repco and get a Ford or a Holden crown nut. The MDC axle uses a very large unique crown nut. So, you need to keep that as a spare part in your kit. One for each side, so carry two. It is a bit different, the split pin is enormous. You’re not going to generally pick that up at your local hardware or spare parts store. So it is essential that you have these on hand.

Also, the seal is quite large, so you’ll need to carry spare seals. Just about every MDC model will come with spare crown nuts and spare seals as well as spare wheel studs and nuts with the kit. They should be in your camper or your caravan when you get it, if it’s an applicable model. If you’ve used them or you don’t have a set, make sure you get them as a spare.

These seals and bearings are available around the country. We generally recommend Statewide bearings. They carry stock, they’re very easy to contact, and they’re all over Australia.

To make up one bearing set, you need a cone and you need the bearing. They’ll come separately and generally will be sold as a kit. The bearing is a 25590, and the cone is a 25520.

Now you know all the spares and bits you need to carry with your MDC caravan or camper when you’re out and about. 

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