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Good day guys and welcome to MDC. This is our new Explorer Rear Fold, Hard Floor Camper Trailer. It’s new to the range. It’s a beautiful, off road camper trailer, entry level.

I actually took one of these over to WA recently and I was quite surprised at how good it was. It’s got a nice high ceiling. Keeps you nice and cool in the hot places and it’s very capable off road.

Up the front here, you’ve got your fully off road, poly block, heavy duty hitch and that’s set on your 100 by 50 by 3 mil draw bar. You got your Anderson plug here so that connects straight to your batteries from your car, so it charges while you’re driving.You got your trailer plug, we can fit any type of trailer plug that you like.

Connected to your draw bar here, you’ve got rated shackles and chains. Got your heavy duty jockey wheel here. And then you got your wench to assist you in the set up of the tent.

Up the front there you’ve got your stone guard, that protects your trailer and everything behind it. Jerry can holders, two of them. Gas bottle holder. You got your regulator for your permanently plumbed gas, that goes back to your kitchen for your bayonet fitting. You got your vent here for your fridge box and then we’ll go in and have a look at the fridge slide.

Stainless steel latches, gas struts on the door to help you open it. Fridge slide on heavy duty sliders. Fit a good size fridge in there. Your 12 volt outlet to run your fridge, and then this is the inside of your vent here, which also has a filter on it. So if you’re in dusty conditions, try and keep that filter clean and it’s going to keep your box dust free.

Moving along the side here, look at all these 12 volt outlets. Not they’re for your kitchen. Kitchen’s in here. So one of these is going to be for lighting, the other one’s going to be for your water pump. And you can use another one for the igniter of the stove.

Here you’ve got your Smev, three burner stove. And this is the igniter that I was talking about. It’s got a lead connected to it that will run out of the bottom of the kitchen, go into one of these 12 volt outlets and that’ll run your peazo.

And this side you’ve got your sink. That’s your drain plug that goes underneath. Easy on and off, for your water here. All stainless steel, all beautiful fittings. Drawer slides nicely. Plenty of room for all your utensils in there.

These Smev stoves have been around for a long time and they’re very well constructed. So when you get off the beaten track, say the Gibb River Road. When you get to your campsite, this thing is still going to be in one piece. You’re still going to be able to cook up, a nice, hot dinner.

Here you got fully independent wishbone trailing arm suspension. Double shock coil over, with a safety chain.

15 inch steel rim here, with mud terrain tyre, so you got plenty of grip, when you’re using those 12 inch electric brakes. These tyres I’ve used all over Australia and I’ve never had a problem with them. They’re very tough.

Cargo rack on top of here is all stainless steel. Same with all your latches and fittings, they’re all stainless steel. Even on your guard. It’s all made of stainless steel.

You got your gas struts here that assist you in the set up and the pack up, of the tent.

And then moving down here, you’ve got your stabiliser leg, heavy duty. And then you got your LED lights, that are fully sealed, for off road conditions. So if you go in the water, you’re not going to have any dramas with 12 volt system playing up.

Here you got your spare tyre, brand new, wheel and tyre. The steel rim as well. And this here folds out of the way, and you have access through this door for storage. Under your bed, you got your drawers, you can put your clothes, access into your camper. Might forget, I’ve done it before, left my keys and my phone in there, so I didn’t have to unpack the whole camper to get those out to leave camp. Very handy.

You got a food grade, poly tank here. It’s 85 litres, and the side walls are 10 mil thick. They’re tough as nails, don’t need a bash plate on these ones.

Here we’ve got another gas strut, same thing. Help you set up and pack up. Four stainless steel fixtures, more stainless steel on the guard. And here’s the electrical box. And don’t forget all the way around, on everyone of these boxes, it has an automotive, pinch seal. So nothing’s going to get dust in it. They work very well, just like they do on your car.

And here you got all your isolators for your battery system. You got your faults read out, amps read out, all your isolation switches. And then you’ve got reset-able circuit breakers, as well. A whole lot of thought has gone into these electrical systems.

You got your last bit of storage up front here. All gas strut assisted. Drawers on heavy duty sliders. Every camper comes with a fire extinguisher. The hitch that bolts onto your car, so you just remove your tow ball, this bolts straight on. And then you’ve got your winder for your legs. Plenty of keys, sets for you, the wife, girlfriend, and the kids.

In here you’ve got plenty of storage. In this guy, you can put all your poles, fishing rods in my case. Not that I can catch any fish but anyway. Plenty of storage in here, and what’s good about these, is look how long they are. Heavy duty rollers. Imagine how many pairs of jocks and sock you can fit in here.

I only need one pair of boardies when I go camping, so I’ll have to put all my lures and tackle and stuff in here. Massive amounts of storage. And don’t forget you can access all this through this hull here, when it’s all packed up. That’s just huge.

And down here, you got your switches and your isolators for your 12 volt outlets here. You’ve also got a USB, 5 volt, 1 amp or a 5 volt, 2.1 amp, which is a fast charger. So if you need to blast your phone, go the 2.1 amp.

And then you’ve got your battery charger here. It just plugs straight in, and that charges up your batteries, that are up under the bed. Such a great tent. I just love the size of it.

Now just have a look at the size of this area. It’s hard to believe, that this is an entry level, hard floor camper trailer. Just look at the amount of room, you’ve got. You’ve got a heavy duty, poly floor. You can sleep, probably, I don’t know, 10 kids in a row, in swags in here. Plenty of room to swing a cat.

You got a great size, fridge slide. Heavy duty canvas, close weave. All your stitching’s sealed. I just can’t believe how they make these for the money. You just get so much bang for your buck these days. What an awesome camper trailer.

Well there you have it guys. The Explorer Rear Fold. I’m impressed and I’ve seen it before, so if this is the first time you’ve seen, you must be impressed. From how strong it is underneath, to the attention to detail on the inside. The quality of the canvas and the fit out, is just amazing. Everything is so functional. Everything’s pinpoint precise and great detail has been taken and given, when it comes to the kitchen, when it comes to the fridge slide, when it comes to the storage.

For an entry level camper trailer, this thing is built perfectly from the ground up. It might be on a beer budget, but it certainly has champagne like qualities.