EP 07 – Daniel Easton – ‘MDC Family’ and Review of his XT19HRT - OFFGRID DOWNUNDER

Nothing sums up the relationship that members of the ‘MDC Family’ share more than these three simple words “We can help”.

Today on the OFFGRID DOWNUNDER podcast, we chat with the MDC AUSRV Owners Group ‘Head Honcho’, Daniel Easton, as he dropped into the Brisbane Warehouse on his way through to attending a recent MDC tagalong trip in Northern NSW. He thought he was coming in to get a free t-shirt and merch… but we had other ideas!


We sat down with him to chat about his long-term relationship with MDC as an owner of his fourth trailer/van since 2013, as well as to get a very honest review of how much he enjoys his latest MDC caravan – which he proudly boasts is the original prototype of the luxury XT19HRT (And if you now Daniel, he only knows how to give honest feedback!)

Daniel lives in Northern Queensland, and driving the 4,500km+ round trip down to the MDC organised Tag Along trip, feels like nothing to him when he knows that he is meeting up with great friends from the MDC team and other MDC Owners to share a long weekend of camping and catching up in a beautiful part of Australia.

It’s also not uncommon at these events to see MDC team and owners such as Daniel helping new people to the group with their vans, teaching them how to use them to their best capability, sharing towing tips, energy efficiency tips and how to live offgrid indefinitely… and always a tall yarn or two over a beer around the campfire!

Daniel has been everywhere in his various MDC vans – Cape York twice, Savannah Way multiple times, the Kimberly, Birdsville to the Big Red Bash many times, and up and down the east coast multiple times to name a few. And his wealth of knowledge in both 4WDriving, camping, towing and how to get the most out of your caravan is invaluable. And more importantly, he’s happy to share this information.

Tune in to listen to Daniel’s interesting behind the scenes stories, including why he values the MDC Family so much and what it means to have such an incredible national network in the MDC owners’ group, including when he lost the rear wheel on his driving vehicle (not the caravan!) and was able to connect with MDC staff and owners on the same trip to Birdsville. They were able to source the required parts that he needed and get them to him, so he wasn’t left stranded, and have him and Lidia back on their way and out in time for Birdsville, within 24 hours.

We hope you enjoy this podcast, it’s a favourite of ours because it embodies all that it means to be part of the ‘MDC Family’. If you want to be more involved in a community of MDC Owners that really do care about each other, and want everyone to enjoy the camping lifestyle, please get in touch with the group via Facebook. And don’t forget to like this episode, share it, comment, and get out there amongst it yourself!

Melissa J Scott
MDC Community Manager

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