Connecting Spreader Poles

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How do we make it easier to connect spreader poles and get your camper set up quicker? It’s a common complaint that C-Clips will break or can be difficult to attach.
There’s one school of thought that people think you just wet your finger, slide it into the C-Clip and it’ll go on smoothly. Well, if you’re a germ phobic, get some silicon spray. A quick spray of silicon spray on the inside of the C clip will do the job.
When attaching them in your tent, always have the wing nut towards you, and always attach the spreader pole to the higher pole first.
Place the C-Clip against the pole. Get it on an angle of about 15 to 30 degrees. Line it up and give it a quick nudge into place. It goes on so simple. 
Extend your spreader pole, and bring the opposite end C-Clip into place. Put it against the pole, put your hand around, and grab both sides of the C-Clip so it sits squarely on the other pole, and give it a nudge into place. Simply do the wing nut up, job done.
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