Christmas in your MDC

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Who doesn’t love a Christmas road trip? Home is where the heart is, so whether you’re heading North, South, East, or West this Chrissy, we have the ultimate list of Xmas themed tips and tricks to make your holiday away from home the best it’s ever been.  

give your camper or caravan a festive touch

I will assume that your regular doona cover or tea towels aren’t plastered with Santa hats or Rudolf’s face all year round. Well, there’s no time like the present (pun intended) to switch out your regular decor for Xmas themed pieces. Sheets, pillows, cups, tea towels, you name it! Anything in your camper probably has a Christmas-themed equivalent. If patterns aren’t your thing, opt for red and green colours throughout. Or ditch the classic colour scheme altogether and go for a more designer route with rich purples and gold. However you choose to decorate your MDC this Chrissy, it is sure to keep your spirits high.

Don’t forget the tree!

Now, bringing along a full-sized Christmas tree on the road probably isn’t very efficient. A large tree takes up space both in the car and in your setup, so we suggest some more suitable alternatives. 

A great way to get the kids involved is to make a tree out of things you can find outside.  Go hunting for a well-sized dead branch with lots of twigs, bring a few decorations to hang from it, stick it in a bucket with some sand, and voila! A rustic Christmas tree! This is a great way to get the kids involved and get them outside rather than sneaking a peak at the prezzies! Bringing along a small plastic tree to keep inside is also a good way to keep the Xmas spirit alive

There’s no Christmas without lights!

Christmas lights, fairy lights, light-up lawn decorations, whatever you choose will bring a festive vibe to your setup and make it a bit more special. This is a great way to make your caravan or camper stand out so that Santa knows who to visit. And let’s be real, we all secretly love the attention from passers-by when they comment on your amazing Christmas lights. Opt for solar-charged items, so that during the day they can charge up and be ready for a spectacular show once night falls.

Hang up your stockings

Bringing something that reminds the kids of Christmas at home is always a good idea when heading away on holidays. Stockings are a fun way to make sure the kids know that Christmas can be wherever the family is. Stockings are light and easy to pack away, which means more room for presents and the prawns! Stockings are also a great way to show off presents if you haven’t got much room under your tree.  

Christmas entertainment

No doubt that if you’re staying in a town there will probably be some sort of Christmas event happening near you. Christmas carols in the park, a show, or a street full of Christmas lights are sure to be on this time of year, so be sure to check out town Facebook pages, or the local information centre for details.  

Following some or all of these steps will ensure that your family holiday away from home this Chrissy is still one to remember, filled with good food, great memories, and even better presents. Stay safe these holidays and escape with confidence. 


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