Celebrating Fearless Women this International Women’s Day

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Happy International Women’s Day to all the incredible women out there who follow us and are thinking about taking off on your own exciting adventure and living the life that you want – whether it’s solo, with your family, or a group of friends!
We are all blessed to live in such a great country like Australia and have the privilege to be able to make our own choices and earn our own income so that we can invest in our dreams and travel freely in a caravan or camper trailer. We would like to acknowledge that many women around the world do not have basic privileges to education and medical treatment, let alone be able to travel safely on her own. This is what International Women’s Day is about, celebrating women but also acknowledging and creating awareness that not everybody is so fortunate.
We are dedicating this article to celebrating the spirit of fearless women. The ones who dare to dream and come into an MDC showroom with the dream of taking on an exciting camping adventure, either solo, or for her family!
We know that the camping industry has traditionally been seen as a male-dominated space, but next time you’re out touring, pay attention to just how many solo women are out there!
At MDC we are 100% cheering adventurous women on all the way. Amazing women who are stepping out of their comfort zones, breaking stereotypes, and chasing their own dreams to see this beautiful country no matter what their personal circumstances are! We believe that every woman deserves the freedom to explore this country on her terms, with a caravan that is equipped to tackle the journey and get you there safely.
One of the best ways to ease into solo camping is by joining a community of like-minded women who share your passion for adventure. Our MDC caravan community is filled with wonderful women who have embraced the joys of solo camping (see some of their stories below). Connect with them, share your experiences, and let their stories inspire you.
We encourage women to break the stereotypes. Solo camping doesn’t mean you have to go it entirely alone. Consider joining camping group specifically designed for women. Eg there is a great national female friendly group called Rolling Solo which you can check out here.
Together, you can create memories, share laughter around the campfire, and build bonds that last a lifetime. It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the journey and the incredible people you meet along the way.
MDC also has a great Owners Group on Facebook that you can join that is full of supportive owners that can help you with any issues 24/7. Or if you’d like a more female-oriented group, there is a smaller private group that you can ask to join and receive incredible support from the female members and MDC Customer Advocate team.
This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the courage, resilience, and adventurous spirit of women in the camping industry. Whether you’re a seasoned solo camper or someone contemplating the leap… know that you’re not alone. We have some amazing smaller caravans that you can tow with a SUV, so your every-day car easily becomes your touring vehicle. And you can camp/live in style, comfort, safety, and ease. Many of our solo female customers live and work full time on the road out of their MDC caravan, and we’d love to see you doing that too!
Let’s break down barriers, create memories, and revel in the joy of being fearless women in the great outdoors. Happy camping ladies!
Below is some inspiration from members of the MDC solo female traveller community.

“Heading away in my offroad caravan to a remote destination to unwind is so empowering. Reconnecting with nature, meeting new friends, enjoying amazing campfire food… it doesn’t get better than this!”


MDC Queensland Brand Manager, Rocklea

“There is something to be said about travelling on your own. It gives you a strong sense of empowerment and independence. After my 2 month lap of Queensland, I feel really confident in every part of life now. Every day I had to put so much trust in myself, that my self-belief skyrocketed each time I expanded outside of my comfort zone and grew a little more each day as I tried new things.
My only warning is that when you start building your confidence through solo travel, it seeps through into every aspect of your life… but that can only be a good thing!”  

Melissa J Scott – Female Solo Traveller
Watch Melissa’s videos of her recent 12,000km lap of Queensland in the MDC XT10E


“That’s me with the Pajero and XT12HR. Drove myself from northern NSW coast across the Gibb and back again. I was accompanied by my brother and sister-in-law, they had their own rig so confess I wasn’t totally alone. I felt it was a major achievement none the less and a big tick off my bucket list. Van performed amazingly. Will do it again!!!!”


“My Hugo, XL15E MKII, absolutely love my baby”


“At the Big Red Bash… Best view of the concert”


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