Bringing Your Caravan or Camper to a Music Festival

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Every Winter one of Australia’s most anticipated and largest music festivals takes place. Splendour in the Grass is a three-day music festival that occurs in the middle of July. Splendour has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary having just wrapped up for the year. With over 30,000 people flocking to the North Byron Bay Parklands annually for this iconic festival, it’s not hard to understand why it’s one of the most popular amongst all Aussies, young and young at heart.

There is an abundance of accommodation options for the festival, such as booking outside the venue and bussing in, booking pre-setup glamping tents, or camping at the North Byron Parklands. Splendour veterans will rave that the best and only way to truly experience what the festival has to offer is by staying at the venue’s massive, designated campground. Offering space for festival goers camping with tents and swags, big rigs such as caravans and camper trailers, and an exclusive area for families with young children, the Splendour campsite has spaces for all.

For families that enjoy a day out surrounded by good music, bringing the whole clan to Splendour in the Grass is a must-do and camping with your caravan or camper trailer is easier than ever. Splendour in the Grass has big rig passes available in addition to the 3-day event ticket and camping ticket. These passes are $110 and can be bought on the Splendour website. 

So, do you have a big rig? Campervans (4 berth or larger than 6m), private RVS, or vehicles towing caravans and camper trailers are classified as ‘big rigs’.  Festival goers with big rigs can access the campsite on the Wednesday before the festival opens, this gives you plenty of time to perfect your setup, get your bearings and settle in. You can wander and check out some of the food stalls on offer inside the campground or meet your neighbours! Don’t forget that you will need to show a printed big rig camping pass on your driver’s side dashboard upon entry to the campground for easy access.

The big rig campground is separate from the main campsite, so don’t let the idea of a camp full of 20-somethings blasting music till 4 am deter you. However, there are some important things you need to know before making the trip to Byron.

Campervans up to 7.5m and caravans up to 6m in length are permitted in the big rig campground. If your setup is larger than this you will need to give Splendour officials a heads-up via The splendour campground is not equipped with the usual creature comforts of your local Big 4. There are no powered sites and there is no access to water for your rig so you will need to come equipped with enough water for your setup for the entirety of the stay. However, there are clean drinking water taps at the tent campsite amenities, a short wander up the road so bring some empty cartons to refill. There are also no BBQ facilities available within the campground. But have no fear, all our MDC caravans and campers come equipped with an external kitchen so you can enjoy a home cooked meal after a long day of dancing, check out our range here. Importantly, the North Byron Parklands do not have dump points for your liquid waste, so whatever you drop will have to make the trip out of the campground with you come Monday when you can exit. You cannot move your rig once you are allocated your camping spot, so be prepared, and bring enough necessary equipment and provisions for the full 5 days (and a little extra to be safe). Finally, butane gas cylinders are prohibited at Splendour in the Grass, you are only allowed to bring in gas bottles that are in date and professionally installed in your caravan or camper trailer. Ensure that you brush up on these essentials before entering Splendour so you and your family can camp comfortably and safely. More information on ticketing and camping can be found on the Splendour in the Grass official website. 

If you’re planning to bring the little ones to the festival with you, there are a multitude of fun activities to keep them happy and occupied. Little Splendour is an organised ‘mini festival’ inside of the event area opening daily from 10 am that caters to bubs, little kids, big kids, and everything in between. Featuring a line-up of recognised children’s entertainers, playgrounds, storytelling, and loads of arts and crafts, your kids are sure to have the time of their life. Onsite babysitting is also available at Little Splendour so you can drop the kids off and go catch that band you’ve been dying to see.  

So whether it’s just you and your partner, or the whole family, Splendour is an unforgettable experience where you can make shared memories and enjoy some cracking good live music. Camping with your big rig is easier than ever. Ensuring you can enjoy all the creature comforts of home whilst remaining close enough to the Splendour venue. Check out our range of off-road camper trailers and caravans for your next festival camp and make sure you escape with confidence!


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