Boat Rack Made Easy

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Here’s a tip sent in by one of our owners on how to get your boat rack open and closed, in a one-person operation, in a very easy way. You’ll need either a length of rope or perhaps a dog lead with a snap hook on it, or two metres of that silky stuff you keep in the bedside table. This is how it’s done.

Now what you need to do is attach your rope or your dog clip or your two metres of silky rope to the back corner of the boat rack so it makes it easy to work your way back around the camper. Undo the latches. And now you can allow your boat rack to fall back in a controlled manner and not at a hundred miles an hour and clunking into place.

To make closing this a one-person job, you need to remove the pin in the stay on the rack, remove the R clip, push the pin out, and the stay’s released to push your boat rack across the trailer. With the other stay released, push the one nearest to the back of the camper in, push the boat rack over, grab your rope and start pulling your boat rack down. Move around the back of the camper, pull the rack down, lock in your over centre latches, put on your last latch, and you’re done. Ready to roll home or onto the next campsite

Something you shouldn’t forget is to return the rack stay pin into its original place. For more information, great tips and tricks, head across to our website and look at the masterclass series of videos, or follow us on Facebook.


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