Adjusting the handbrake on your trailer

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Adjusting the handbrake on your trailer is easy. First, we’ll put a spinner on the end of the spindle adjuster, bolt, grab a shifter, and undo the lock nuts. On this one, there’s three lock nuts, so we loosen them off and back them away from the adjuster assembly.

Now we can tighten up our adjustment. What we want to do is spin the little wheel clockwise back into this assembly here. You’ll see it taking up, running through the nut in there.

Now we just have to redo the lock nuts, so everything stays put. That’s done. Do our lock nut at the front. Tighten that and now we’ve adjusted our hand brake. Pull it up, give it a bit of a test.

The handbrake should raise 1/3 to ½ the way.

Just a couple of hand tools and you can do this sort of maintenance at home. Don’t be scared to give it a try. Remember, when you do this kind of maintenance and release the hand brake, chock the wheel so the trailer can’t move. For more great tips, head to our website or follow us on Facebook.


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