Adjusting Compression Locks and Seal Pressure Maintenance

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Camper maintenance is important. In this article we will look at something very important in your camper trailer, adjusting locks and looking after the seals, which are the last line of defence against dust and water. Grab yourself a 10ml spanner and let’s get started. 

First of all grab a 10ml spanner. Undo the lock nut and either extend or retract the locking bolt. Then do up the lock nut, tighten it up, and then test it for fit. Keep in mind that compression of 30 to 50% of the seal is the optimum range. Ensure as the lock closes, it takes up at about 60% closed and then that last bit will provide the compression on the seals.

To maximize the effectiveness of the seals, it’s important to give them a clean and maintain their flexibility. A wipe down regularly with a product like ArmorAll, or any rubber softener, will help keep them clean and flexible and able to do their job just right.

How easy was that? 20 minutes and you’ve done all the locks and seals on the camper, and you’re ready to hit the tracks. Follow those directions so you can escape with confidence.

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