8 Early Spring Off-roading Tips You Need To Know

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Spring has almost sprung, which means warmer water, sunny days, and plenty of good times! Spring is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most beautiful seasons and one of the best for off-roading. So, to help you escape with confidence this Spring, we have put together a list of helpful tips that you need to know before heading out on your next off-road adventure. 


1. Prepare for the unpredictable spring weather

Spring in Australia is one of our best seasons, despite some unpredictable weather. Spring seems to be the time when mother nature has some trouble making up her mind – should we enjoy the end of the Winter chill or start the Summer sweat early? Weather in Spring can be unpredictable, so we recommend preparing yourself for anything. Always check the weather forecast for your destination a few days before setting off so you know what you’re in for and can pack gear accordingly.

2. location location location!

Your location is usually the first thing you think about when heading off-road. Where will your MDC caravan or camper take you this time? The Aussie outback is your oyster. It’s always good to familiarise yourself with your destination before starting your adventure. Reading up on essential information such as ground conditions, weather, surrounding flora and fauna, 4×4 trail information, locations of nearby service stations, and general stores is recommended.  Ensure your destination is accessible by your vehicle and that you can safely enter and depart various sites or 4X4 trails. This will ensure you get the very best out of your trip and make life long memories.

3. gear up

Before you set off on your offroad expedition, you must ensure you have all the essential gear packed for both you and your rig. Bring plenty of food and water for everyone plus a little extra just in case, remember to scout out general stores where you can top up your supplies before heading further into the wild. Pack clothes for both hot and cold weather, as we said above, Spring can be unpredictable. You don’t want to be facing those 11° Spring nights with no cozy coverups. So, pack a mix of both light and heavy clothing and sleeping gear.

Now for your vehicle, it is so important to be ready for anything. This means having a well-stocked emergency kit and bringing all the necessary equipment. Here is a list of all the essentials you will need to have:

– Car jack
– Compact air compressor and inflator – for re-inflating your tyres when having to deflate for situations such as driving on sand
– Flashlight and flare
– Jumper cables and jump-starter
– Phone charger
– Recovery kit – with leather gloves, shovel, bow shackles, and recovery straps
– Spare tyre and tyre repair kit
– Tyre chains
– Toolbox
– Traction mats
– First aid kit
– Walkie talkies
– Jerry cans

4. check your vehicle!

You will want to ensure your towing vehicle is up to scratch before starting your trip to avoid any unnecessary pitstops. 

  • Be sure to: 
  • – Check your oil
  • – Check tyre pressure and get a tyre gauge
  • – Check fluids and top up accordingly
  • – Refill wiper fluid
  • – Inspect your spare tyre
  • – Fill up on gas before leaving
  • – An extra safety precaution is to write down any medical information relating to you or your passengers and store it in your glove box. In the event of an accident, this information can be found and followed by experts.
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5. inform others of your trip

Whether it’s a day trip or you’re in it for the long haul, you need to let someone you trust know where you’re headed, when you’re leaving, and when you should be back. If an emergency were to occur, doing this could make a massive difference. Give your friend info on where you are staying including numbers of the parks you are staying at or businesses in the area and people you are staying with. Include a list of contacts in case they need them. 

6. be aware of wildlife

Depending on where you plan to take your Spring adventure, chances are you will see and encounter lots of native Australian wildlife. Plan ahead and check if your destination has any endangered flora and fauna in the area, be careful whilst driving on tracks, and try to avoid going off the designated trail as you could potentially damage the surrounding environment. Be aware of signage notifying you of animals that can cross the roads and always slow down for wildlife. Do not leave food out overnight or when you are not in your campsite. Seal it away in your portable fridge, or built-in fridges and shelves inside your MDC offroad caravan.

kangaroo crossing road sign warning drivers in Australia

7. plan your activities!

When you decide on your destination, check out what your campsite or park has on offer nearby. The warming weather of Spring makes way for an endless list of activities to enjoy, so you’ll be spoilt for choice! Of course, research the nearby 4×4 tracks and plan ahead so you can get in a whole day of epic offroading, or take the rig up the beach for a day full of sunshine and surf! Water-based activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, diving, swimming, and surfing are all perfect for Spring and a great way to stay cool. If you prefer something more high energy like mountain biking or hiking, opt to start as early as possible to beat the midday heat. Staying at caravan parks is a great option if you’re travelling with your kids. All the BIG4s around Australia have great options for kids such as mini-golf, water parks, playgrounds, and designated kids areas, ensuring mum and dad can sit back and relax. Check out Airlie Beach BIG4 which has an animal park that will keep the kids entertained for hours!


8. keep safe!

Our last tip is obviously one of the most important. Not just for yourself but for your passengers or trip mates. Pay attention to and always follow road signage and speed limits. Be aware of animal crossings or warnings and slow down when asked to, signs are there for a reason. To keep you, fellow motorists, and the environment safe. As Spring rolls around the ground begins to dry, so be careful with fires and only light one where and when it is safe to do so. Follow all fire bans and check fire danger signs in the surrounding towns you are closest to when trekking out. Be smart, if you are in the dry bush, do not drop cigarette butts, even if you think they are completely out. Report any bushfires to local authorities and get out of the danger zone. If you are near a natural water source and feel like a dip, think before you dive in as what may appear safe on the surface may not be underneath. Steer clear of poisonous plants, insects, and wildlife, and always have a well-stocked first aid kit on hand with antiseptic, burn cream, bite cream, and snake bite kit included. Keep windows and doors closed and zipped at night to avoid any critters making their way into your camper or caravan. To beat the Australian heat always wear sunscreen and sun-safe clothing, drink plenty of water and attempt to stay in the shade where possible.

Be sure to follow these helpful tips before setting off on your early Spring offroad adventure. Check out our Facebook and YouTube page for more helpful hints and tips for all your 4X4 needs. Happy camping and escape with confidence!


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