Step 1 - Contact Details

Make sure you type your email address properly, include the domain name (example; [email protected] or [email protected])

Enter your best contact phone number, be sure to include the area code.
Example; (07) 5512 3456 or 08123 45678

Step 2 - Purchase Details

Step 3 - Trailer Details

Your VIN Number is located on the Trailer Compliance Plate on your trailers drawbar. It should look like this : 6KS MDCTR XXX 000000, where X is any letter and 0 is any number.

An invoice number will look something like this: NAME0000-0

Step 4 - Claim Details

OK So You Have a Few Things Missing:

Have you tried the following:
  • Have you Checked Every Compartment for your Missing Component?
  • Have you Check Under the Bed - Often Floors and Canvas are Shipped Under the Matteress to keep them Flat?
  • If you are Missing Spreader Poles - Did you purchase them? (Spreader Poles are an extra than can be purchased separately.)
If so, continue and enter your problem details below:

Obviously we like camping as much as you do. So if your Claim is Urgent, and your trip/holiday is interrupted we would like to know from you what we can realistically do in your eyes to get you back on the road ASAP.

If Possible, Use Bullet Point Form - its much easier for us

Step 5 - Photos

Files must be in a .png, .jpg or .gif format, and each file must not exceed 4MB.