MDC vs Competiton canvas, why chose us!

Author: Heath Parry   Date Posted:4 August 2015 

While canvas does have a reputation for being heavy in weight & as it ages it does ask for some care and maintenance I believe the pro’s far out way the con’s.


When camping in winter conditions canvas is fantastic as it acts as an insulator from the harsh cold conditions outside because it is a thicker more durable material it is able to withstand these elements.


This is helped by having internal and external window flaps as it is a double up of canvas. Yes canvas tents can get hot during the summer months but having internal and external windows provides some fantastic benefits. Having gussets on the external windows allows you to have the window open for ventilation during rainy conditions but will help to prevent rain and wind from entering directly into the tent. The internal windows allow you to close up the tent from the inside rather than having race outside when the weather turns worse for wear!


Another insulating factor is the tropical roof which will help to keep the tent cool or warm depending on the conditions. It also helps to protect the main tent from any potential damage from wildlife or falling debris.


A canvas tent can last for years and years when it is looked after correctly. One of the most important things to do is to pack the tent away bone dry otherwise this can encourage mould to grow which can result in having to clean and waterproof the canvas again.

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