Kenno's Track Report #1

Author: Kenno  

I have to take my cork hat off to the MDC Cruiser forward fold high rise camper trailer. Honestly putting this setup in the same boat as a camper trailer does not give it the title that it deserves, so I think I’ll refer to it as home away from home. This home away from home was a brand new addition to the MDC entourage and of course I got given the job to take out the prototype and test it. You might think “you lucky bugger”, but remember this home away from home hasn’t been tested and I have to take it to very remote areas with no workshops, backup or support.

I loaded up the trailer, threw the tinnie onto the boat loader and set off. As per usual it was back tracks all the way. On the first night I found a nice camp on a side road and thought to myself “do I really want to set this up just for an over nighter?” I decided to set it up and I’m glad I did. Seriously, you just flip the top, extend three poles and it’s done. Inner spring mattress on the main bed and the second double bed area turns into a sitting area with a view of the stainless steel kitchen, which allows you to be able to give the cook hints and tips while you enjoy a cold beverage.

All of that aside, the most impressive thing for me was the fully independent, coil over double shock suspension. I say this because I made it with all of my eggs intact, fruit perfectly untouched, not one broken beer, vegetables in such a condition that I could have re sold them and all of my camping gear was still in the same place I packed it.

A lot of people think that you only need independent suspension if you’re going off road but this is not true. The better the suspension under your home away from home, the better your gear will get treated. If you have a solid axle under your home away from home and hit a hole on the left hand side, then the action of that wheel falling into it causes a reaction on the other side. So, your home away from home cops a double hit. But, with the independent setup only the wheel on that side will drop, keeping the rest of the trailer stable which makes a massive difference.

Till next time take care of each other on the tracks and happy home away from homing guys.



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